Setting up your account... for Altru users

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Kirk Bentley
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We're excited to get you started with WordFly for Altru. The integration takes a few steps and there is some set up and expertise you’ll need in Altru. Be sure to carefully work through each step and click on the “Follow these steps” buttons for the complete instructions. You’ll need to prepare your Altru environment to work with WordFly. 

#1 // Integration setup

  • Connect WordFly application to your Altru environment

  • Set up WordFly–Altru service user
  • Set up WordFly–Altru queries
  • Set up WordFly–Altru responses

Follow these steps →


#2 // New user setup in WordFly

  • Log into WordFly
  • Authorize WordFly to access Altru data from your user profile page

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#3 // Functionality check

  • Test all integration features, such as selecting a query, importing a list, etc.
  • Ensure that all buttons, links, and tabs related to the integration function as expected in both WordFly and Altru
  • Send or schedule a campaign

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#4 // Data synchronization

  • Ensure that data flows seamlessly between WordFly and Altru
  • Email responses can take up to 30 minutes to appear in Altru
  • Are you seeing data from WordFly where you’d expect it? 

Not seeing responses? Follow these steps →