Send an email to Altru constituents

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To import constituents from Altru:
  •   You must have a user account in Altru
  •   You must have completed the authorization step on the Your Profile page

Follow the steps below to send an email campaign to a list of constituents in Altru. Start by selecting the campaign settings, then work your way through each step to select your email design, import your data from Altru, send tests, and send.


#1 // Settings

To get started, select Email > Send a campaign from the main menu.



On the Settings step...

  1. Select a campaign type: Standard or Triggered
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Add a subject line
  4. Select a From name and From/Reply-To address
    If you need a new name and address, you can add this in Account > Email Settings.
  5. Click Save when you are done



#2 // Email


On the Email step, select one…

Use the WordFly editor

Create a new email based on one of our starter emails (our term for “template”) or your own custom design. If this is your first campaign, start here.

Copy an existing email

Duplicate an email you’ve already built, then edit as needed.

Select an existing email

If you’ve built a specific email for this campaign only, select it here.

Use my own code

If you’ve written your own HTML, import or paste it into WordFly. Any new code edits will need to be made outside the WordFly editor.


#3 // Subscribers


On the Subscribers step, select one…

Use an Altru list

With this option, we’ll fetch your existing Altru queries. You will select one to import into WordFly.

Use an existing list

If you already imported a list into WordFly, use this option to send this campaign to that subscriber list.

Import a list from a file

Import subscribers and data from a CSV file.

Add manually

If you are only importing email addresses, this is a quick option. Just paste them in.


To import your Altru list

  1. Click the Use an Altru list button

    Note: If this button is greyed-out, you need to complete the Altru authorization step. Click your name in the upper-right corner of the page to access the Your Profile page.
  2. Select a Query from the list of queries you are authorized to access

    If no queries appear, check the Category and Permissions for queries in Altru.

  3. Select an Appeal from the dropdown (Required) 

    This is required for sending event data back to Altru, e.g., Opens, Clicks.

  4. Map the fields in your Altru list to data fields that exist in WordFly

    You may need to create new data fields for mapping. We’ve provided the most commonly used fields. You only need to map the fields that are required for your email content. Be cautious when importing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

    Check that these columns are mapped before continuing:
    • Map EMAILADDRESS to Email in WordFly (Required)
    • Map ID to CrmSubscriberId in WordFly
      (Required for sending event data back to Altru)

  5. Click Start importing


Review the List Summary

  • Review the Import Issues section to see which addresses were not able to be imported.
    Learn more →
  • View the List History to see the number of duplicate addresses and how the list was built over time.


More list actions


#4 // Testing


On the Testing step, you can…

Send test emails

Send one or multiple test emails

Inbox preview

See how your email renders in 30+ email clients

Subscriber preview

See how your email looks with personalization

Email checklist

Review requirements, download an email preview, and name your links to make your reports easier to read in WordFly and Google Analytics


#5 // Send or schedule


On the Send step…

  1. Select when to send your campaign: Now or In the future
  2. Select the email format: Multipart-MIME, HTML, or Text
  3. Click Send now or Schedule now
    Learn more →
  4. Click Yes to confirm this step at the top of the page



When you see the progress bar, you’ll know your campaign is sending.