Queries, appeals, and email events in Altru

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Kelly Sutter
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Add a query

This is where you set up your “list” to import into WordFly.

  1. In Altru, go to Analysis > Information Library

  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query

  3. In the first tab, select the source view, output fields and filter criteria

    Constituent record and Email Addresses fields are required in the “Results fields to display” box 

  4. In the Set Save Options tab, assign it to the query category created for WordFly.

    The Category on the Set Save Options tab must match the variable specified in the Ad-hoc query name that is listed for the account on the Altru Integration page in WordFly.

    The Permissions must allow all users to run this query.


Add an appeal

With appeals, you can tie your WordFly campaigns to a specific time period or goal. You need to select an appeal in order for email events to be sent back to the constituent record in Altru.

  1. In Altru, go to Marketing and Communication > Add an appeal

  2. Save the appeal


Search for a constituent to view email events

  1. Click Constituents for all constituents options –or– click Constituent Search

  2. Search for a constituent

  3. Click on the name to access the record

  4. Click on the Communications tab. This will display all recent and upcoming communications.

Events can take time to update. On average, they will appear in less than 30 minutes.