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Go to Reporting > Compare Campaigns to compare your opens, clicks, opt-outs, and engagement rate against other sent email campaigns. When you’re done reviewing comparing campaigns, take a moment to learn about our benchmark data sharing program.



What to expect from compare campaigns:

  • You can compare standard or triggered campaigns.
  • You can select a Label to filter to specific campaigns.
  • You can set a date range to further filter to specific campaign metrics.
  • Your Averages percentage is calculated from all your sent email campaigns.


1. Go to Reporting > Compare Campaigns


2. Select Campaign Type, Labels, and your Date Range


3. Select Show Results


4. Review Results



Review campaign engagement rate

When you run compare campaigns in WordFly you will see a unique email campaign engagement rate. If you opted in to the benchmark data sharing program, you will also see benchmark data across selected categories.



Calculating email campaign engagement

Email campaign engagement is calculated through open and click data. The engagement rate of an individual email campaigns is calculated by taking your unique subscribers who clicked any link in your email divided by number of unique opens.



Unique subscribers who clicked (20) / Number of unique opens (100) = 20% campaign engagement rate


We've also created a unique formula to calculate subscriber engagement scores and ratings (stars) in WordFly. This data can help you better target the right subscriber with the right message. Learn more about this in our article, What is Subscriber Engagement Rating?



What to look for

Use WordFly’s compare campaign feature to refine your email marketing approach and to confirm if you are meeting your marketing objectives.


Questions to ask:

  • Are opens and clicks on an upward trend overall?
  • What campaigns have lower open and click rates? What may have affected these numbers?
  • How have my subscriber list numbers changed since the start of these campaigns?
  • Did anything change during the course of these campaigns that may have changed the results?


Use your comparison analysis to make adjustments to your email program. Think about what changes you can make before your next review. Here are some things to consider: email creative changes, content changes, sending highly targeted emails, or perhaps increasing or decreasing your emailing frequency.