What is Subscriber Engagement Rating in WordFly?

WordFly uses each subscriber's campaign event data to create a unique Subscriber Engagement Rating for every subscriber you send to. You can use this rating to better understand how each subscriber is interacting with your emails.

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What is Subscriber Engagement Rating

What are the star and score calculations for Subscriber Engagement Rating

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What is Subscriber Engagement Rating


The subscriber engagement rating is made up of two parts: stars and scores. The score for the rating is created based on WordFly's own unique calculation of Subscriber Engagement.


Subscriber Engagement is calculated with Interest and Indifference/Disinterest scores for each subscriber based on activity over the previous six months. A subscriber must receive a minimum of 4 campaigns in order to receive an engagement score or rating.


What are Interest scores?

Interest scores come from subscriber action with the email: opens, clicks, and forward activity. The subscriber received the email and took some action with it. Interest scores are always positive numbers (0 to 100).


What are Indifference/Disinterest scores?

Indifference/Disinterest scores come from lack of subscriber action with the email or opting out of receiving the email. A subscriber shows Indifference by ignoring emails through not opening or clicking. Disinterest is based on hard bounces, unsubscribes & complaints. Indifference/Disinterest scores are always negative numbers (-1 to -100).


Calculating Subscriber Engagement

WordFly is constantly calculating Subscriber Engagement by taking the previous six months of subscriber activity and subtracting Indifference/Disinterest Scores from Interest scores. The score that comes from calculating Subscriber Engagement works on a scale of 100 to -100.  


Calculating Subscriber Engagement Rating (Stars)

Subscriber Engagement Rating (i.e. Stars!) is then calculated based on percentile breakdowns of scores. Opens and clicks at a regular frequency will make the Subscriber Engagement Rating go up. Not opening or clicking will make the rating go down. If a subscriber unsubscribes, complains, or hard bounces, the rating will drop drastically.


Example of 5 star Subscriber Engagement Rating




What are the star and score calculations for Subscriber Engagement Rating


When you look up a Subscriber Profile you are going to see the Subscriber Engagement Rating at the top of the profile along with star icons and a score.

The score is what we use to create the star rating. For example, a score of 100 helps show where a 5 star subscriber rating actually sits from a rating overview.



Each subscriber will have a star and score for their Subscriber Engagement rating. What are the star and score calculations?


5 Stars

These subscribers consistently interact with campaigns.


4 Stars

These subscribers regularly interact with campaigns.


3 Stars

These subscribers occasionally interact with campaigns. Continue sending campaigns to this audience and hope the ranking improves over time.


2 Stars

These subscribers have a neutral score. They are likely new to WordFly. They may have been sent campaign(s) but have not interacted with them yet. Alternatively they may have previously had a negative score but are now improving. These subscribers are good candidates for a targeted re-engagement campaign.


1 Star

These subscribers rarely interact with campaigns. Sending to these subscribers is likely to negatively impact your deliverability.


0 Stars

These subscribers are the least interested in your campaigns. They may have clicked unsubscribe, filed an abuse complaint, hard bounced one time, or are blocklisted in WordFly. They should not be emailed. You cannot segment by this rating.




Frequently asked questions about Subscriber Engagement Rating


We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions here. If your question is not answered, feel free to email us to get answers.


Why do new subscribers start out with 2 stars?

A brand new subscriber hasn't shown us whether they are interested or disinterested in your emails, so we consider 2 stars to be our neutral rating. If a subscriber doesn't interact with future campaigns, we can knock it down to 1 star. Or if they tell us we're not that into you, we can move it to 0 stars. At this point we assume it's a good address (it hasn't bounced) and the user hasn't unsubscribed or filed an abuse complaint.

What makes the rating go up or down?

Opens and clicks make the rating go up. These are Interest activities.

Not opening or clicking, unsubscribing, hard bouncing, and abuse complaints all make the rating go down. These are Disinterest and Indifference activities.

Does a click count more than an open?

Yes. Clicks have always represented customer conversion on the web. When a subscriber clicks a link in your email they are taking the next step on the main call to action of the email where they will (hopefully) create some return on investment. Opening an email is an action but it is more passive than a click event.

What makes the rating stay the same for long periods of time?

Not sending campaigns to them. Or steady level of activity.

Can a subscriber have 0 stars?

Yes, if that person has unsubscribed or complained. Or if the address has hard bounced 1 time then we determine the address to not be valid.

Can a subscriber with 0 stars eventually become a 5 star subscriber?

Yes. If they open or click emails, we will adjust their rating. The ratings are not permanent and change with subscriber activity.

How does email sending frequency affect ratings?

Higher sending frequency = less effect

Lesser sending frequency = higher effect

Activity is ranked more heavily the less you email.

For example: If you email subscribers every day, and they ignore them every day, it doesn't count against you as much as if you only emailed once a month.The more you email, the less their score will be affected by their level of activity. If you only send once a month, a subscriber's activity is more important to their score.

What happens if the subscriber doesn't open or click?

The score will continue to fall over time. Eventually it will stop at 1 star (Score -5).

What happens if the subscriber isn't sent any or very few campaigns?

If the subscriber isn't sent any campaigns, they won't have any data to show. They won't have a rating.

If the subscriber is sent very few campaigns, their rating is likely to remain constant.

What happens if you only send during the summer season?

Scores would change during active season, but then would stay the same throughout the rest of the year.

Can I manually set the engagement rating for a subscriber?

No. Subscriber engagement ratings are based upon the subscriber's interaction with WordFly campaigns. Let the data show you how awesome your subscribers are.




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