Delete campaigns, emails, or lists

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Miguel Panayotty
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Delete an email campaign

Go to Email > Email Campaigns, check the box to the right of the campaign and use the gear icon to select Delete.

Before deleting email campaigns, review these points:

  • Subscribers will still be able to load your email in their email client or the View in Browser link.
  • We recommend saving the archive URL before deleting. Learn more.
  • Once a campaign is deleted all the reporting for the campaign goes away. Download your campaign report data so you have all of that data available. Go to Reporting > Sent Campaigns to download your heat map data. Go to Reporting > Export Data to download any campaign metrics or event data.
  • Deleting an email campaign does not delete the assigned email, subscriber list, or saved segment (if a segment was applied to the list).



Delete an email

Go to Email > Emails, check the box to the right of the email and use the gear icon to select Delete.

Before deleting emails, review these points:

  • Never delete an email until you have sent the campaign that is using the email. 
  • You can still view the email using the archive URL after an email is deleted.
  • You can still preview the email using subscriber preview under a campaign’s Testing step.
  • You should be sure keep email connected to active triggered campaigns. If an email associated to an active triggered campaign has been deleted, the campaign will not deploy.
  • Heat maps use the live email. Once an email is deleted, the email campaign heat map will no longer be visible.



Delete a subscriber list

Go to Subscribers > Lists, check the box to the right of the subscriber list and use the gear icon to select Delete.

Before deleting subscriber lists, review these points:

  • Subscribers are not deleted from WordFly when you delete lists. A subscriber is saved in WordFly from the first time the address is imported. Learn more.
  • Keep ongoing lists such as the lists assigned to your WordFly Signup and Lightbox forms. This also applies to our basic single field signup form. The list is used to collect email addresses that signup through these forms.
  • List data fields will go away when a list is deleted. Let’s say a subscriber loads the View in Browser link after an email is deleted, any list data fields included in the email personalization would not display.
  • You will not be able to run any subscriber preview tests under a campaign’s Testing step.