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List management starts with acquiring the right addresses and then removing opt-outs, hard bounces, and disengaged subscribers. In this article we will cover how to review your subscriber engagement data and define disengage subscribers so that your emails have the best deliverability.


What is a disengaged subscriber?

Disengaged subscribers are addresses that have no email response activity (opens or clicks) for about six months.


While six months is an adequate time span for most regular senders, each organization must review their email program and business model to decide what defines a disengaged subscriber. For example, a seasonal organization with an annual film festival will likely define disengaged differently than a performing arts center with daily shows.


Use WordFly’s Subscriber Insights to dive into the overall health of your subscribers. This dashboard reviews subscribers that are currently being sent to in your account. Take a look at how engaged subscribers are. This section gives a high-level overview of engaged and disengaged subscribers based on WordFly’s Engagement Rating and Score calculations.


Generally speaking, a 1-star rating and –1 to –5 score are indicators of disengaged subscribers.


Example of 1-star subscriber with a -5 score,


Review and suppress disengaged subscribers

You can export all your subscribers under Reporting > Export Data and then review your engagement scores and ratings. Use this data and your business model to determine your unique disengaged definition. Then use WordFly segmentation to filter your emails to send to the most engaged subscribers.


Export subscribers by account

Follow the steps in this support article to export subscribers by account.


Find your disengaged subscribers

Filter the subscriber data by engagement score -1 to -5 and star rating 1. The purpose of this step is to see who your disengaged subscribers are.


Use segmentation to send to the most engaged

Create a new email campaign and segment by engagement data. Your active subscriber count in WordFly will reflect the engaged subscribers after 90 days of segmenting your email campaigns. Follow these steps:

Or, use segmentation to send a reengagement campaign to your disengaged subscribers. Subscribers who don’t respond to reengagement emails should be removed from your mailing lists in 90 days.