Copy or duplicate a container

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Miguel Panayotty
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You can duplicate your blocks or containers and then edit those copied blocks as needed. These copied blocks will retain all of the styles settings from the block they were copied from.


Duplicate / copy a container

It’s common for email designs to contain several blocks that have the same base in terms of their settings: same styles, distribution and format. When working on an email or page, you can duplicate containers at any time. This is really useful when containers have a repeating format throughout the design. A good example of this would be a container that holds an image block and text block, usually followed by a button. Duplicating a container will save time building your design and will further ensure styles are the same.


Hover over the block you want to duplicate, then right-click and select Duplicate.


The same can be applied for any block type that you choose. Doing things at a container level will duplicate all the blocks inside it.



Duplicate the design in my emails

Having looked at how to copy or duplicate the design for specific blocks, let’s look at copying an entire email.