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When you first start using WordFly or if you decide to implement preferences later, you may need to import your existing subscriber preferences. First, export your subscriber preferences from your existing ESP or CRM. Then import your preference lists into WordFly following these instructions.


How preferences work in WordFly

Subscribers can tell you their communication preferences when they subscribe or unsubscribe. Preferences are added to your subscribe and unsubscribe pages. Preferences are created in WordFly under Account > Preferences. Learn more


Each preference you create in WordFly is a data field. When a subscriber opts-in or opts-out of a preference that data is stored on their subscriber profile as a data field update. The numerical value for the preference is 1 for opted in and 0 for opted out. Use subscriber preferences to segment your lists so the subscriber receives more targeted content.

Instead of using separate lists for preferences, we recommend importing all your lists with preference values into one master list. We usually recommend making the website signup list your master list.


Import preferences into WordFly

Import preferences by creating separate CSV files with all your subscribers for each preference, and in one new column of the list add the number for the preference value.

1. Prepare your CSV list for import by adding a new column for the preference value and give everyone a 1 for opted in.



2. Go to Subscribers > Lists, find the master list, click the name of the list and select Add more subscribers.

3. Select Import list from file.


4. In the list import process, under the mapping section, you will map the column for your preference to the corresponding preference data field in WordFly. Be sure to click Save after mapping any fields and then click I'm Done when you're ready to move onto the next step.


Note that the naming doesn't have to match as in our example below but it can be helpful for mapping. This mapping is how WordFly will know what opt-in value to import for each subscriber's preference.


5. Continue this process, preparing each preference list and importing into the master list. This builds your final master list.

Note: You might notice duplicates appearing in your subsequent imports. Duplicates occur when a subscriber is being imported again into the same list. WordFly only imports 1 unique email address in any list. Even though the subscriber is a duplicate, the preferences data is imported for the record. Keep importing your preference lists until you are done.

Your WordFly subscribe signup will continue to collect signups into the master list and each subscriber will be providing you with their preferences (which saves to their profiles).

When you want to send an email to any preference you will use WordFly segmentation to send to the right subscribers with a specific preference value on their profile.