How to setup Tessitura responses for Pages

Send Page responses back to Tessitura! WordFly sends RSVP and Survey Page responses back to Tessitura through the integration. Configure how you want Page responses to update in the database.


Topics covered in this article:

Getting Started with the Pages integration

How will the Pages integration work?

Configure the Pages stored procedure in Tessitura



Getting Started with the Pages integration


RSVP and Survey responses are collected in WordFly Pages and sent back to Tessitura through the Pages integration.



Organizations that want to use the Pages integration will need to:

  • Upgrade to Tessitura v14.
  • Upgrade to the new WordFly-Tessitura integration v3. Learn more
  • Email WordFly support to have the feature enabled for your account.




How will the Pages integration work?


The Pages integration will work similarly to other integration processes that your organization may already be used (like the preferences integration).


Page responses will be collected in WordFly and sent back to Tessitura to update new database tables. A new stored procedure will be configured to update Page responses on the constituent record in any way your organization wants to have it reflected.


New database tables

LT_WF_PAGE: Stores the Page name, URL, ID etc identifying the Page that was created in WordFly.

LT_WF_PAGE_FIELD: Stores the fields for the Page created in WordFly (ex, any survey or other questions asked).

LT_WF_PAGE_RESPONSE: Stores when someone responded to a Page, along with customer number, email address.

LT_WF_PAGE_FIELD_RESPONSE: Stores Page field responses, including RSVP Yes/No.


New stored procedures

LP_WF_PAGE_RESPONSE_CREATE: Creates the Page & Page Response

LP_WF_PAGEFIELD_RESPONSE_CREATE: Creates the Page Field & Page Field Responses

LP_WF_PAGE_RESPONSE_CUSTOM: Provides hook for custom processing where you can take all the data from the tables and update constituent records with the information.




Configure the Pages stored procedure in Tessitura


The LP_WF_PAGE_RESPONSE_CUSTOM stored procedure is the only procedure your organization will need to customize. There will be some sample code in this procedure showing organizations how to get at the data in the tables. Further customization of writing where data shows on constituent records will need to be done by your team. You can work with Tessitura support on troubleshooting your setup or with Tessitura consulting on specific customization.


For example:

  • RSVP data could create an elevated event, special activity, CSI or an attribute on the constituent record.
  • Survey responses could add attributes on the constituent record.




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