Add a numbered list or bulleted list

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Miguel Panayotty
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Add list or bullets points to your text block


1. Place your cursor in the text block where you would like the list to start


2. Click on the Ordered List icon or the Bulleted List icon


3. Type your first point and click enter/return to add another list item




Adjust the style of your list


To globally update the look of all list and bullet points:


1. Click the Stylesheet tab



2. Click General Styles



3. Open Unordered List or Ordered List in the Typography section

  • Adjust font, line height, color, and alignment as desired
  • Use Marker Type to customize the bullet, number, and letter style for your list
  • Use Marker Position: Inside when you want to center a bulleted list
    Marker Position: Outside (the default setting) works for everything else.
  • Margin and padding can be adjusted under Spacing


4. If needed, additional styles can be adjusted under List Item



You can also modify the look of a list in an individual block:


1. Click on the text block you want to edit from the right panel


2. Click on the Styles tab on the left panel


3. Open Unordered List, Ordered List, or List Item in the Typography section to edit the styles

The styles will only affect the lists in this one block.