Troubleshooting: Editor error messages

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Miguel Panayotty
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WordFly will warn users when there’s an issue in the design that needs to be resolved before exiting. If you receive an issue notification, this article might be able to help.


URL may be tied to a specific subscriber



This error helps users know when a tracking link from a sent email is being inserted into the design. In other words, the link being used has a unique subscriber ID in it which means it won’t be tracked correctly if used in a new sent email.


Example of a WordFly tracking link with a unique subscriber ID:



All links in the email should be the correct link for the location it will redirect to. You should check all your links to make sure each one is the fully qualified link, starting with the proper HTTP protocol. You can also check your links under the campaign's Testing > Email Checklist.


Script and iframe tag warning




This error helps users know that script tags are in the email code. Script tags and iframes are not allowed in email or page designs. The editor will automatically remove scripts and iframes from the design.


Example of script tag in email HTML:

The tag starts with <script> and ends with </script>.




WordFly should automatically remove the code. If you still encounter the notification, email us to investigate. 



Unable to load custom blocks



If you encounter this error about custom blocks loading, please email us to help resolve the issue.



Design will not save

When a design will not save it is usually an indication that the code is missing something fundamental to work. Email us for help with updating your design.