Add a link to an email address or phone number

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Miguel Panayotty
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Link to an email address

You can add a mailto: link to an email address in any text or image block. These are added like any other link in your design inside an href field. When your recipient clicks the link, it will open the default email client on the device with the email address populated in the To: field. You can even include a subject line and body content in the mailto link. One drawback, mailto links cannot be tracked like other links.


1. Click on a text or image block field in your design


2. Find the href field in the left panel

  • In image blocks, the href field will appear in the edit content panel.
  • In text blocks, the href field will appear when you highlight a word and click the link icon.


3. Above the href field, click Mailto


4. A window will appear to help add a mailto link. Fill in all the fields as needed.

  • Enter an email address in the Email Address field.
  • Optional. To automatically add a subject line when clicked, enter text into the Email Subject field.
  • Optional. To automatically add body content when clicked, enter text into the Email Body field.




5. Click I’m Done.

Example of image block href field with mailto link



Add personalization to mailto links

To personalize a mailto link, you can add data fields.


1. In the mailto window, click into the field that you would like to personalize. Then, click Personalization in the upper-right.


2. Select the data field you would like to insert. Add fallback content in case data is missing for  a subscriber.


3. Click Insert Code



Link to a phone number

Links to phone numbers work best on a mobile device. They cannot be tracked.


1. In a text block, highlight the phone number you would like to link. Then click the link icon in the text editor.


2. In the href field, type your phone number.  Add tel: in front of the number.


3. Click I’m Done