Keyboard shortcuts

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Quick Actions

These actions help you move around the editor quickly.


Action Mac PC
Toggle full preview Command + ; Control + ;
Close block editor ESC ESC
Open Blocks tab Command + Shift + B Control + Shift + B
Open Stylesheet tab Command + Shift + S Control + Shift + S
Open HTML tab Command + ' Control + '
Save Command + S Control + S
Quick Delete Shift + Delete link Shift + Delete link


Content Editing Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts will save you time when editing text.


Action Mac PC
Bold text Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Italicize text Shift + Up/Down Arrow Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Undo text changes Command + Shift + U Control + Shift + U
Add soft line break (Safari) Command + Return Control + Return
 Add soft line break (Chrome, Firefox) Shift + Return Shift + Return


Highlight Text Shortcut

In your text block, click into a line of formatted text. The HTML tag applied to that text will show up in the lower-left corner. Click the tag to highlight the text. This shortcut also helps when you’re editing styles and need to see which style is applied to your text.



Style Editing Shortcuts

When you are editing your styles, these shortcuts are helpful for setting spacing and pixel sizes.


Action Mac PC
Increase/Decrease value by 1 Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Increase/Decrease value by 10 Shift + Up/Down Arrow Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Convert non-pixel value to 'px' Command + Shift + U Control + Shift + U


Preview Panel Shortcuts

These shortcuts will save you time in the right-side panel of the editor.


Action Mac PC
Duplicate, Save, or Delete blocks Right-Click
or Control + Click
or Control + Click
Click mobile icon to preview mobile mode Slider bar Slider bar
Click desktop icon to preview desktop mode Slider bar Slider bar