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Add icons from the WordFly icon library

The icon library has the most common social icons available in multiple colors. It is not possible to upload your own icons to this library. Icons can be inserted into any text, preheader, footer, or social links block.


To add a WordFly social icon to a block

1. In the right panel, click on a text, preheader, footer, or social links block

2. In the left panel, click your cursor into the open content area

3. Click on Add Icon

4. Select the icon you would like to add to your block

5. Fill in the fields for alt text and href (the website URL), then click I’m done

This adds the selected social link to your block along with the alt text and link you assigned to it. Continue repeating the steps above until you have added all of the icons you wish to add to your email design.



Using your own social media icons

Use your own social media icons by uploading the icons into a new media folder in WordFly, copying the image links, and then inserting these links into your design.

Upload your social icons into a media folder

Insert an icon into a text block



Using the same social icons across all emails

Once you have your email design finished, you can continue to use the same social icons in each new email design. There are two options to maintain the same social icons in new emails.


Option 1: Duplicate existing emails that already have social icons set up

Duplicate your email to create new versions that can then be made unique for a new email campaign send.
Duplicate a design


Option 2: Use Save to Blocks to create a custom social media block

Right-click on any block and select Save to Blocks to create a reusable block for use in any email or page design.
Save a custom block