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Support for animated gifs in email clients

Animated gifs won’t work in all email clients, mainly Outlook 2007+. A workaround for Outlook is to make sure your opening frame is a static image. Send some test emails to see how the animation renders.


Create your animated gif

Create an animated .gif from images or a video. If you don’t have Photoshop, you might try one of these free online tools.


Since animated gifs are created from combining frames into one file you will need to make the gif the exact size for the image area in your design. If you need to resize it to a different size, first do the edits in one of the suggested tools to retain the animation. You won't be able to edit the size and retain the animation if you resize the image in the editor since WordFly does not have access to all the frames in the gif file. Once you have the correct size you can follow the remaining steps in this article to add the gif to your email design.



Add the animated gif to your design

Animated gifs are added to your design like any other image file.


1. Click on an image block from the right panel



2. Upload your image, browse and select your animated gif from the Media library, or paste in the URL for your animated gif in the “src” field.