Resubscribe an accidental abuse complaint

Abuse Complaints are sometimes accidental. If a subscriber contacts you requesting to be added back to your email list we can help reverse an accidental abuse complaint. We cannot guarantee delivery going forward. The subscriber will need to follow the steps provided here to reestablish delivery to the inbox.


Reversing an accidental abuse complaint

We have a 4-step plan to help resubscribe an accidental abuse complaint. It’s not only a matter of removing the complaint in WordFly. The ISP will always have the abuse complaint logged and will block your emails if you start sending to the subscriber again. Subscribers need to be involved in this process in order to successfully begin receiving your emails again. The subscriber must review and do as many of the reestablishing delivery steps after the abuse complaint is removed.


Steps to remove an abuse complaint in WordFly:

1. The subscriber must resubscribe to your mailing list after the abuse complaint was recorded.

2. The subscriber must ask or confirm in writing to be added back to your mailing list.

3. The WordFly team will need to be notified to overwrite the complaint. Email us with the subscriber’s address and their written confirmation to get this process started.

4. The subscriber must attempt at least the first two recommendations for Reestablishing delivery to the inbox. Review the steps in the next section of this article with the subscriber.


Reestablishing delivery to the subscriber

Once the abuse complaint is removed in WordFly, you are free to send to the subscriber again. However, this doesn’t guarantee the email will go to their inbox. ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, etc.) record the abuse complaint and filter your emails to the spam folder.


Here’s a list of recommended steps for the subscriber to take to ensure your emails go to their inbox rather than the spam folder. Not all the steps have to be taken but the first two will send the most powerful messages to the ISP filters and are the easiest to complete.


Steps to take to reestablish delivery to the subscriber:


1. Ask the subscriber to add your From/Reply To address to their Contact list. Adding someone to your Contact list helps ensure they won't end up in your Spam folder down the road.


2. Ask the subscriber to reply to or forward one of your emails from their inbox.


3. Ask the subscriber to find the email that they sent into the spam folder and click “not spam” on a email. If it has been a while since they clicked the spam button on your email then ask them to wait until a new email from your organization arrives in the spam folder and click "not spam" or move the message into the inbox. This sends a powerful signal back to the ISP that there has been a mistake. With the new information the ISP’s computer system can update the block it received previously to help ensure future blocks do not occur.


4. Ask the subscriber to check their "blocked recipients" list as it is possible your From/Reply to address moved to this list, the subscriber should attempt to move the address to the unblocked list. This may be the same as step 2 depending on the email client.

5. Ask the subscriber to set up a filter that will send the emails to a new folder, thus diverting the message from the Spam folder.

6. If possible, wait 30 days before sending to the subscriber again after the abuse complaint was originally received.