About accidental abuse complaints

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Kirk Bentley
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Proceed with caution: We take abuse complaints and privacy seriously. We review WordFly accounts that consistently remove the abuse complaint flag on their subscribers. Please review our acceptable use and other online policies before removing spam/abuse complaints.


If a subscriber has accidentally clicked the “This is spam” button, they’ll need to re-subscribe using your WordFly signup form. If you do not have a WordFly signup form, create and publish a form using our form editor tool. If you’re a Tessitura user, you’ll also need to remove the “Do not mail” marker there as well.


Reestablishing delivery to the subscriber

Once the subscriber has re-subscribed, you are free to send to the subscriber again. However, removing the abuse complaint in WordFly doesn’t guarantee delivery. Keep in mind, the mailbox (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) also keeps a record of spam complaints. You’ll need to tell subscribers how to encourage delivery on their end by following these steps.

Ask your subscriber to: 

  1. Add your From/Reply To address to their Contact list.
  2. Reply to or forward one of your emails from their inbox.
  3. Click the “Not spam” button on the original email or a new email you send them. 
  4. Check their “Blocked recipients” list and remove your From/Reply To address from it. This may be the same as step 2, depending on the mailbox.
  5. Set up up a mailbox filter that will send the emails to a new folder. This will divert the message from the Spam folder.