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Update the title text in View in Browser link

When your sent email is opened in a browser using the view in browser link, the text in the tab referenced in the <title> tag of your email HTML. By default this tag uses the organization name set up in Account > Organization Info.



To update the title

1. Click on the Settings tab in the left panel


2. Update the text in the Title field


3. Click Save


The next time you send a test email you can click on the view in browser link to verify the page title is updated in the browser.




Add preview text

Many email clients display a message preview in the inbox which is called the preview text. The preview text is a sentence inserted in the HTML body of your email and will usually display after the From Name and Subject Line.


Your preview text plays an important role in grabbing subscriber's attention. Use it to add a bit of personalization and to give a sneak peak at the contents of your email. Avoid using this valuable space for best practice links like unsubscribe and view email in browser, those links are best suited for the preheader or footer areas or your email.


Desktop example:


Mobile example:


Sometimes preheader text and preview text are considered the same elements but they are in fact different parts of the email. Preheader text can be seen both in the email when the message is opened and beside the subject line in the inbox. Preview text, on the other hand, resides in the message envelope and is typically not visible when the message is opened. Preview text is actually the first message the subscriber will see in their inbox even if preheader text is present.


As usual, email client support for preview text varies. Not all email clients support it but most modern clients do. Even the amount of preview text displayed varies.


Email clients with the best support for preview text:

  • Apple Mail
  • iOS native apps
  • Android native apps
  • Recent versions of Outlook (v2013+)
  • Modern webmail clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, and


To add preview text

1. Click on the Settings tab from the edit panel of the editor


2. Update the text in the Preview Text field


3. Click Save




Adjust the width of email in Outlook

When your sent email is rendered in Outlook email clients, the email container is set to be 600px wide by default, but you can change it.


To update the Outlook email rendering width


1. Click on the Settings tab in the left panel


2. Update the pixel width under Adjust email width for Outlook PC


3. Click Save