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Kelly Sutter
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In an effort to provide more insight into the data your organization has uploaded into the WordFly application, we have autogenerated a few relevant snapshot reports for you. They can be found in the Reporting > Reports + Data Manager section of the application.

There are three types of reporting snapshots:

  1. All Email Subscribers
    A list of all your active and inactive email subscribers
  2. All SMS Subscribers
    A list of all your active and inactive SMS subscribers
  3. Data Field Statistics
    A list of all the data fields, both subscriber and list-based, and the associated number of data points in your account for each data field

These autogenerated reports reflect the current data in your WordFly account. To expedite the creation of these reports, these have been created for you. In time, we will provide additional custom reporting tools so you can generate this type of reporting as needed.


AllEmailSubscribers & AllSmsSubscribers reports

The AllEmailSubscribers and AllSmsSubscribers reports provide a comprehensive list of all subscribers stored in WordFly, including both Active and Inactive subscribers.

Email The email address that uniquely identifies the Email subscriber in WordFly
Sms The SMS number that uniquely identifies the SMS subscriber in WordFly
SubscriberStatus An indicator of whether or not the subscriber has been manually marked as “Do Not Contact” in WordFly

Describes the type of issue for subscribers with invalid Email addresses or Sms numbers

Malformed Email address or Sms number

Spam Trap
Email address identified as a likely SPAM trap

Active Indicates if the subscriber is Active (1) or Inactive (0)



DataFieldStatistics report

The DataFieldStatistics report shows summary statistics on the subscriber profile data stored in WordFly.

DataField The name of the WordFly data field
DataPoints The number of discrete points of data stored in WordFly for the data field, e.g., for First Name, how many first names are stored in WordFly
FirstUsed The date the earliest data point was created for the data field
LastUsed The date the latest data point was created for the data field
TypicalDataSample A sample of a typical data value for the data field

The intended purpose of the data field

A standard data field for use in personalization and segmentation

A data field for subscriber list preferences

A data field with CRM subscribe date for auto-resubscribe


The level at which data is stored for the data field in WordFly

Data is stored for the subscriber.
Each subscriber can have only a single data point.

Data is stored for the subscriber in a specific list.
Each subscriber can have multiple data points.



How to use this data

These new reports will provide an expanded view into what data has been uploaded into your organization’s account since the start of using WordFly. What data may have been useful at the beginning, may no longer be needed. 



How to delete data

If you would like to have the subscriber data contained within a data field purged from your WordFly account, we can help. Submit a support ticket noting the name of the data field(s) from the Data Field Statistics report that we should purge subscriber data for. We will add your request to our queue and notify you once the data has been purged. After we are done purging the data, you can choose to delete the data field so it will no longer appear in WordFly.

Please note: We cannot restore the data once the request has been processed. We recommend discussing internally as a group how data fields are being used to ensure active data fields are not inadvertently purged or deleted.