Return To Service Guide

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Kirk Bentley
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Welcome back! 

We made this quick guide to help you get back in business as quickly, safely and sanely as possible. We’ll be updating this guide as more questions come in. So, keep ’em coming! We’re ready and here to help at  

A few things to remember before hitting send: 

  • Update Unsubscribes & Hard Bounces

    If you were using a temporary email marketing provider to send email during the break, you’ll want to update WordFly and your CRM with any new unsubscribes so you don’t send them email. 

    Here’s how to update your unsubscribes in WordFly

    Export your unsubscribes from:
    Constant Contact
    Campaign Monitor

  • Restart Your Automations and Scheduled Campaigns

    If you had any scheduled campaigns or triggered campaigns that were set to run during the outage, they are currently turned OFF. You will need to reschedule your campaigns if you want them to run again. NOTE: Triggered campaigns will not work until the CRM integration is back in service. Estimated August 1st.

    How to schedule a campaign


  • Manually Import Your Lists

    If you’re using an integrated CRM, you’ll need to manually import your lists until the integration is back in service. Integration access will return shortly. Estimated August 1st.

    How to import a list manually 

  • Personalization & Dynamic Content

    Double-check that you are correctly pulling and mapping all the data fields you’ll need for any personalization in your email designs. Since you are manually importing your lists, the process is different than using the integration import process. Just be careful when you import that you’re mapping up the correct data fields. Remember: If you map the data fields incorrectly, you’ll overwrite what was there before.