What’s new: Summer 2022

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Kelly Sutter
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We’ve recently launched a new set of updates focused on the email campaign sending experience. You’ll see a refreshed design and new features when you send or activate your next campaign. 


Send step updates



Updated date and time selector

We’ve added dropdowns and updated the date and time selector to make sure you send or schedule your email at just the right time.

  • Click the new “Today” shortcut to jump to the current month
  • After you select a valid date + time, click “I’m done” to activate the Schedule Now button. If the date isn’t valid, the button will be greyed out.
  • If you cancel a scheduled campaign, you will need to reconfirm your date and time selection before you can reschedule.


New options for previewing

We added more info to ease the stress of clicking the Send button. If your campaign is being sent to a seed list, you’ll now see it listed here. We’ve also added a mini preview of your email. Click on it to view the mobile version or download images of your email.







Triggered campaign updates


Activation settings

We’ve streamlined the activation settings and removed the “Never” end date option for triggered campaigns. You must select an end date up to one year in the future.

Any campaigns that were previously set to “Never” won’t list an end date + time in the activation settings section. They will continue to run as usual unless you click Pause. If you click Pause, the end date calendar will default to 30 days in advance.

To reschedule the campaign, you must:

  • Select a new start date in the future
  • Select an end date up to one year in the future



Statuses by request!

On the dashboard and campaign grids, we added statuses for Active, Paused, and Completed triggered campaigns, so you’ll always know which campaigns are actively running.

  • A campaign is Scheduled until it runs the first time
  • After it runs, it is Active until it meets the End Date/Time
  • It is Completed when it meets the End Date/Time
  • It is Paused if you pause it after it has sent at least one time



Stop Sending button for large campaigns


By request!

Did you forget something critical in your email? Now you are in control of the panic button. When your campaign is sending to more than 10,000 subscribers, you will now see a red Stop Sending button. This button will stop the campaign from sending to any remaining recipients in the mailing queue. After it is clicked, the campaign will be marked as Sent, the same as if it had finished sending normally. Keep in mind that you cannot restart sending after you click it. You can use segmentation to send a follow-up campaign to any remaining recipients.

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Fixed and optimized

  • A new place to add personalized data for archive URLs
    We’ve removed the Customize Dynamic Data link on the Send step. The subscriber data for the archive URL can still be customized, though. Search for mr.social@wordfly.com on the Subscribers > Subscriber Search page. This profile is used by the archive URL when the email contains personalization. If you do not fill in this data, the fallback text will be used instead.

  • Email editor
    Fixed issue where Save as Starter button wasn’t clickable

  • Subscriber profiles
    Long first and last names no longer run behind the tabs
  • Triggered campaigns
    Fixed issue where subscribers with active abuse complaints were included in certain cases
  • Campaign grids
    “View summary” is now “Quick view”