What’s new: January 2022

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Kelly Sutter
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Happy new year! We’ve launched a new collection of updates to get your 2022 marketing off to a fresh start.


New in the editor

More space for your emails and pages

We moved the preview controls to the top bar of the editor.



Drag and drop an image into a text block

We’ve saved you few clicks by adding a drop zone when you upload an image into a text block.



Text alignment improvements

When the text-align style is adjusted in Styles tab, we are now clearing any inline CSS that may be set on the block. This inline CSS occasionally prevented the correct text alignment. We also fixed an issue where the text alignment wasn’t preserved when switching between the Global/Mobile view in a certain case.


UI updates 

What’s new? 🤩

You’ll always know when we launch new features. The What’s New link in the top bar will now highlight when we post announcements. 



Preventing accidental deleting

When deleting items, the confirmation message now shows the number of items you have selected to delete. If you click anywhere else on the page besides Yes or Cancel, the message will close without deleting.



Subscriber updates

Data field mapping improvements

If a field is unmapped in any standard campaign import, that field will no longer be unmapped in any triggered campaigns. We also improved the warning message if Email field or SMS Number field is not present or mapped before importing.


Additional protection against emailing people who have opted-out

We changed the unsubscribe behavior so that an opt-opt event also applies to all existing lists. Previously an unsubscribe was only applied to the specific list and all future lists, but did not change other existing lists.


Fixed + optimized

  • SMS
    Resolved issue where unsupported characters displayed in SMS messages in certain cases. Resolved issue where shortened SMS links did not track correctly for reporting purposes.
  • Engagement
    Resolved issue where incorrect engagement ratings displayed on subscriber profiles and subscriber insights
  • Text email personalization
    Fixed issue where all conditions were displaying inside the text version when the subscriber did not meet the requirements
  • Pages
    Fixed issue where custom block with multiple form blocks wasn’t saving after it was placed in page

  • Reporting
    Optimized processing times for subscriber events