What’s new: Nov/Dec 2021

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Kelly Sutter
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In our latest update, we’ve added time-saving features for the holidays and Giving Tuesday.


By request!

Who edited it?

We loved this idea from Aoife Mahood at The Public Theater. We added an “Edited by” column to the Emails, Pages, Blocks, and Starter Emails grid pages. Now you can quickly see who made the most recent changes.



Email campaign improvements

James Wright at The Australian Ballet, Ann Verwiebe at Cleveland Orchestra, and Jennifer McGrath at Bell Shakespeare suggested these ideas to make common updates easier.

  • If you try to navigate away from the Settings or Email steps without saving your edits, you will now see a popup message.
  • When you copy an email, you can now view and remove the email’s labels before copying.


Editor updates

Vertically align images and text

We made it easier to set vertical alignment. Just click on Vertical Align in the Image and Alt Text style. This is useful for situations where you have images of different heights placed inside text blocks.




Customize bullet styles and positioning

In Unordered and Ordered Lists, you’ll now see two new style options inspired by a request from Nels Gilbertson-Urtel at Minnesota Orchestra. Use Marker Type to customize the bullet, number, and letter style for your list. Use Marker Position: Inside when you want to center a bulleted list. Marker Position: Outside (the default setting) works for everything else.




Quick access to design options in the Settings tab

Click on the Settings tab in the editor to learn about all of the design options that are available for your emails and pages. Best of all, you can read these tips without leaving the editor. This makes it easier than ever to add Google fonts, review optimal image sizes, and more.





Account > Tessitura Integration

We added two new Reporting options to save you time. You no longer need to contact our support team when you want to enable or disable the Preferences or Pages integrations. The Send preferences updates to Tessitura and Send survey and RSVP responses to Tessitura options are now available in the Account section.

Send preferences updates to Tessitura, Send survey and RSVP responses to Tessitura.

  • If Preferences or Pages updates were already enabled by us for your account, the checkboxes are preselected for you.
  • If Preferences or Pages updates were not already enabled by us for your account, follow the steps to set up the Preferences integration and Pages integration before you select the options.
  • If you do not have the Preferences integration set up for your account, the Tessitura preference mapping options will no longer display on the Subscribers > Preferences page.



Inbox Preview updates

We added eight previews for the latest versions of Outlook Office 365, Apple Mail, and iPhone.

Windows Desktop MacOS Desktop iOS Mobile
Outlook Office 365

Apple Mail 14
Apple Mail 15
Apple Mail 15 (Dark)
Outlook Office 365 (Dark)

iPhone 12
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 (Dark)