What’s new: October 2021

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We’re pumped up about our redesigned Help Center with new features to spark your learning. This month you’ll also see improvements to list importing, data exporting, and A/B reporting.


All-New Help Center


Learn how to get the most out of WordFly in our redesigned Help Center. Try out our new features:

  • Learn by topic or browse our featured guides
  • See suggested articles when searching or asking a question
  • Click links to recently viewed and related articles
  • Filter search results by category
  • Vote to let us know whether an article is helpful or not

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Optimized subscriber engagement scoring

On October 11, we made two updates to how we calculate engagement to provide even more insight and accuracy. 

  • Ignored campaigns
    We improved the accuracy of how many campaigns each subscriber is ignoring. This change reduced the engagement rating for many previous 3-, 4- and 5-rated subscribers. Subscribers who were previously included in these segments but who have now dropped to a rating of 2 are ignoring many, most, or all campaigns without any opens or clicks.

  • Soft bounces
    We also optimized our algorithms to reduce the effect soft bounces have on engagement scores. Now, only the Mailbox Full soft bounce type will count as negative behavior. Mailbox Full will only count negatively after three occurrences.

These changes will be reflected on the Subscriber Insights page and in your segment counts when you segment by engagement rating. The engagement score for subscribers who ignore campaigns will now tend to be lower. The engagement score for subscribers who have previously soft bounced will now tend to be higher. This results in a more accurate set of engaged subscribers.




Email campaigns


Importing files

When you import a file, we’re now showing the CSV file requirements to Mac and PC users onscreen. We’ll even show them here:

File format

MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv)

File format, if your content contains diacriticals CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)
File name No spaces or special characters
Column names No forward (/) or back (\) slashes or quotation ("") marks


After importing, we also fixed up an issue where subscriber issues displayed twice on the List Summary page after they were overridden.


Creating and editing emails

We’ve moved away from the term, Modern Editor. You’ll now see Use the WordFly editor when you create an email and Click to edit when you edit.



Reporting improvements

We optimized the Pages results tab, so the data will load more efficiently. In A/B Campaigns, totals for unique opens and clicks on the Campaign Summary page now match the total individual results for A and B in each category. We also resolved an issue where the exported Events by Campaign file did not include data in certain cases. We made a few design updates, too.