Disable CRM Updates for Tessitura Users

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Kirk Bentley
  • Updated

In response to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection updates, we’ve added a new option to the Account section.

Under Reporting Options, you’ll see the new Send Crmupdates for open events to Tessitura option. Deselecting this checkbox will stop all open events created in WordFly from sending back to Tessitura. The checkbox is pre-checked by default. You can turn this on or off any time. Please allow up to two hours to see open events begin to flow through the integration again.

Open events will still remain in WordFly for reporting and data export. 


Why did we make this update?

With the release of Apple iOS 15, all email sent to an Apple Mailbox (iOS, iPadOS, Apple Mail) will automatically register as opened. Even if the email you sent was not actually opened, Apple’s new privacy technology will report it as opened.

This change has potentially wide-ranging impacts but the most noticeable will be a much higher volume of unverified (not real) opens. Some predict open rates could increase from an average of 22% today to 80-90% after Apple launches the update.

To save you the headache of managing a potentially huge amount of bad open rate data in Tessitura, we’ve launched this new feature to prevent it from reaching you in the first place.