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Welcome to The WordFly School.
An online learning practice dedicated to helping arts, entertainment, culture, and public media organizations stay connected to their audiences. All classes are free and offered only to our WordFly Community members.
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Winter 2022/23



Email’s Biggest Night(ish)

VIEW ON DEMAND. Grab the popcorn and join WordFly team members Kelly Sutter and Kirk Bentley as they celebrate all the best email designs of 2022. Our esteemed panel pored over millions ( seemed like a lot) of emails and picked our favorites. Take a break from your email routine and join us as we celebrate your work in style. 🎩


New Features

Everything We Announced at TLCC

VIEW ON DEMAND. Didn’t make it to TLCC? No problem! Here’s a second chance to hear about all the updates from 2022, what’s coming next, and more. Join us to look back and forward to 2023!



Accessible Email

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18. Join us for this important conversation with Caspian Turner from Accessible by Design. Learn from the expert how to make your email designs equitable for all your subscribers. This is a huge topic for 2023. Don’t miss!



Spring + Summer 2022


Getting Started

WordFly Essentials

New to WordFly or just need a refresher? Get your skills up to speed and discover the tools you need to run a successful email program. Learn pro tips for email design, understand metrics that matter and set up your WordFly account for success. Come find out how to make the most of WordFly!



Community Discussion: Automated Campaigns

Cameron Barker, Business & Audience Development Analyst, Melbourne Recital Centre
Sarah Greed, Digital Manager, Melbourne Recital Centre
Heath Wilder, Head of CRM, Sydney Dance Company

Live from Australia! Join our expert panel as we discuss the strategic and tactical considerations for running a successful automated email program. Learn how these organizations use pre- and post-event emails, welcome emails, and other CRM triggers to engage ticket buyers, new members, and keep fans coming back.



Ooops…I Sent a Mistake

We’ve all been there! You hit send and your heart sinks. So many things can go wrong. Maybe it’s a missing or bad link. It could be the wrong image, an old subject line, or an incorrect date. Learn how to recover from an email error. Understand what you can and can’t do after the fact and review examples of follow-up emails. Mistakes happen. Join this session to learn how to handle them the right way.



Community Discussion: Re-Engagement Automated

Alicia Eames, Sr. Marketing Manager, Royal Academy of Arts

Live from London! Keeping your subscribers engaged and interested in your email program is important for your success. But a manual process is a full-time job. Find out how to automate your re-engagement program. We’ll chat with Alicia Eames and learn about how Royal Academy of Arts uses automated re-engagement campaigns to keep their lists finely tuned and subscribers activated.



Signup Strategy

Your email signup form is the beginning of the customer journey. It’s a critical moment for your customers and your organization. While it may seem simple, there’s a lot to consider. Do you want subscribers in WordFly or your CRM? How much data to collect? What does the welcome email say? Find out how to start off the customer journey on the right foot as we talk through this complex subject. Q&A following presentation.




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New Features

Signup Suite Tour

Learn how to use our new tools to create beautiful and effective signup forms, unsubscribes, preferences, forward to a friend, and more. 


New Features

What’s New with WordFly

We’ve been busy sprucing up the place. Join us as we review all the improvements to signup forms, integrated surveys, RSVPs, and much more!



Email Tune Up

Learn how to perform a successful email audit to identify what’s working, what’s not, and how to send great email in 2021 and beyond.


Industry News

What Apple’s New Mail Privacy Means For You

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection update is bringing epic changes to the inbox for email marketers. Learn what it all means, how it will affect your open rates, deliverability, and much more.