What’s new: February 2021

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Kelly Sutter
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We’re always adding new features! Check out our updates from February below. You’ll also see shout-outs and high-fives for our customers whose feedback turns into an update.


Requested data export features

In all of our Metrics exports, we’ve added columns to view Google Analytics tags, Labels, Email Template, and Subscriber List for each campaign. Percentages now display with decimals in Metrics by Mailing.

In the Subscribers in Campaign, Events by Campaign and Account exports, you’ll now see which version of an A/B campaign that a subscriber received.

In the Subscribers by Account export, we added columns to view Subscriber Status and whether the address is valid. 

Thank you for your requests, Nareen Jandu at Southbank Centre, Kelli Zieg at Ticket Omaha Performing Arts, Rhiannon Tasker and Samantha Erenberger at American Museum of Natural History, Owain Elidir at Welsh National Opera, Caryn May at Victoria Theatre, Jamie O'Brien at New42, and Jon Wolper at National Zoo.


Engagement updates

We made sending adjustments to ensure that your most engaged subscribers receive their campaigns first. Standard campaigns are now sent to subscribers in order of engagement rating (5 Stars first).

On the Subscriber Insights and Subscriber Profiles pages, new subscribers who do not have engagement ratings are no longer grouped with 2 Stars.


Improvements + fixes

In the Blocks Editor, we added the right-click menu for easy access to duplicating and deleting. Thank you for your request, Jen Novak at Walker Art Center.

All time zones are now supported, including Australian Central Daylight Time (GMT+9:30). Thank you to Tom Bastians at Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Laura Danesin at Adelaide Festival, and Kacy Ratta at Illuminate Adelaide.

Based on your feedback, we fixed up a few things. Thanks to the team at West Australian Ballet, we added a Date Last Imported column in Subscriber Preview. Thanks to the team at Science Museum, we improved our Start and End Date validation for scheduled email campaigns. In Emails, we fixed an issue where conditions were not converted correctly from HTML to Text. This one’s for you, Jamie at New42.

When you save an email in the editor, we are now notifying you if you have included a link to a Test Page instead of a Public one. We also updated the placeholder ReCAPTCHA image on the test page itself to make it clear that form data will not be saved from test pages.