What’s new: 2020 in review

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We’re always adding new features! Check out our updates from 2020 below. You’ll also see shout-outs and high-fives for our customers whose feedback turns into an update.



October 2020


Duplicate your Campaign Name and Settings

You can now click Duplicate to copy your campaign name and settings. We hope this saves you time as you set up your campaigns. Thank you to Natalie Hunter at Pacific Chorale, Alison Atkinson at National Gallery, Alena Tompkins at Black Swan State Theatre Company, and Kate Pridgen at Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation. 


List Management + Deliverability

To help ensure that your emails go to real addresses, we are now automatically preventing campaigns from sending to identified spam traps and addresses with invalid domains.

  • Invalid domains and and spam traps are also automatically filtered out when they are imported. They will appear in the "Invalid Emails, Spam Traps" tab on the List Summary page. You cannot override these addresses.
  • These addresses are marked with a new column when you export your import issues, segments, or subscribers in a list.
  • You'll also see them in the Export Blocklist file. This now means you can see all of your invalid emails addresses in one file, as requested by Patrick Griffith at KERA. To make it easier to find these addresses in your CRM, we also added a CRMSubscriberID column here, too, as requested by Jamie O’Brien at The New 42nd Street. Thanks, Jamie and Patrick!

Engagement Ratings and Scores

New subscribers who have received fewer than four campaigns will no longer have a subscriber engagement record. Previously they received a default rating of 2 stars and a score of 0. This change allows you to explicitly target New subscribers in a campaign by segmenting by Engagement Rating (or Engagement Score) is Missing. We’ve also changed how we calculate engagement scores. Timeouts and Out of Office soft bounces are no longer included in the calculations.


Modern Editor + Classic Editor

In Modern Editor, we fine-tuned the Width UI a bit and added a message if we aren’t able to pull in the placeholder image or alt text if a hosted video is not publicly available.

Classic Editor continues on its slow journey to the sunset. For your 2.0.0 emails, we removed the View/Edit, Duplicate, and Rename options. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can still view these classic emails using the Preview button or the magnifying glass icon.


More Improvements

We’ve added a submenu for easier access to campaigns, results, and summaries from the Dashboard, Email and SMS Campaigns, and Campaign Activity pages.

On the List Summary page, we’re now showing the total number of errors in the Data Errors tab. The detailed view still shows only the 20 most recent errors.

If we’ve archived sent campaigns for you in the past, you can now view the campaign results in a new rolled-up view.




September 2020


Text Editor

It’s time for a new look. Our updated Text Editor design makes it easier to insert social icons, personalization, special characters, and links into your emails. You can now search for emoji, too. 😍 We also updated the Add Characters window with 20 new diacriticals for the Czech and Welsh languages. Thanks to Ann VerWiebe at Cleveland Orchestra and Zack French at International Violin Competition for the request.



We added a new keyboard shortcut when you are in a hurry to delete blocks. You can now skip the confirmation step by holding down the Shift key when you click Delete. Thanks to Alison Atkinson at National Gallery for this feedback. We moved the Settings tab to give it more visibility. Use this tab to enter your Preview Text, learn more about the editor, or jump to the Editor Settings and Email Settings pages in the Account section.


In the Pages Editor, we made some adjustments to allow larger surveys. Thanks to John Calvi at Sydney Dance Company for your help on this one. We are also now automatically unchecking the “Required” checkbox when the Hide Everywhere option is selected.


Email Campaigns

In Segments, we made it easier to enter dates for your CrmSubscribeDate and other date format fields. We’ve also made a few more improvements in the Testing section. In Email Checklist, you can now download an image of your email at any width. Just use the slider to select the width, then click the Download icon. After you send a test email, we’re now deselecting the addresses you had previously selected when you close the confirmation message.


A few bug fixes

  • We fixed up an issue where press release emails with `###` didn't display in Outlook PC as expected and an issue where links were unexpectedly underlined in certain cases.
  • For sending, we fixed issue where subscribers who were sent tests did not get included in segment. Thanks to Bryce Alexander at The Naples Players for reporting this.
  • We added a unique ID to custom blocks to help prevent possible caching. Thank you to Jen Novak at Walker Art Center and Natalie Hunter at Pacific Chorale for describing their experiences to us.

Subscribers and Reporting

Your campaign averages are now more visible inside WordFly with the new circles we added to the WordFly Dashboard. We like to watch them spin, and we hope you do, too. In Compare Campaigns, we’re saving you a click by now selecting the Standard Campaigns option by default. For data exports, we fixed an issue where files for campaign names containing with special characters could not be downloaded. When you export Subscribers By List, you’ll see a new Removed column, to show if addresses have been removed from the list when the email is sent. More export updates are on the way. Thanks to Justin Bowers at KERA, Lauren Frankel at YBCA, and James Heffield at Last Word Media for your feedback.




July 2020


Email Campaigns

  • Subscriber Preview got a face-lift with an updated design, new subject line personalization preview, and more.
  • Email Checklist also received design updates, including a new email Preview button and the option to test links directly from this page. We also improved the Organization Name + Postal Address check. Thanks to feedback from Ryan Drumm at Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Mark Ridley at Theatre Royal Newcastle, we added the option to edit Link Names for sent campaigns.
  • We added the option to download your mobile screenshot from the Emails section. Thank you to Christi Rutledge, Jessica Dill, and Jessica Klumper at Stratford Festival for suggesting this feature.



We added a new form block option to Hide Everywhere. This allows you to publish an alternative version of an RSVP or Survey page when you no longer want to collect form data but do not want to delete any previously collected data. Learn more


We also addressed an update for Pages permissions and now enforce Publish permissions on the back-end. We'd like to thank Nick Reilingh at Fisher Center for your report.



In emails with dynamic images and conditional content, the option to test links in the preview Link Map tool now correctly lines up with the email preview. In a grouped custom block with hidden blocks, we're now telling you which block is hidden on mobile or on desktop. And, we're no longer encoding the double-hash for data fields inserted into Mailto links.



In email reporting, we fixed an issue where the Heat Map didn't load when an email contained URI-encoded quotes. We'd like to thank Jennifer McGrath at Bell Shakespeare for your report.



Lastly, we fixed an issue with SMS campaigns where Testing > Subscriber Preview didn't open the mobile preview as expected.





June 2020


Email Campaigns

We’ve updated Send a test email under your Email Campaigns > Testing tab. Now Send a test email will open a full-page section, showing more addresses onscreen, and providing an easy search option to quickly filter to specific addresses. We also resolved an issue with Inbox Preview where results did not display in the expected order.



We've added a new text style option. In text blocks and in typography style elements you'll have the option to set text-transform. This CSS element can modify your test to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize Words, or Sentence case on selected text.

  • Go to your Text block and use the Format dropdown to select UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize Words, or Sentence case on selected text.
  • Go to your STYLESHEET or Styles tab to set a Text-Transform style for any typography element.


We also fixed a couple of issues:

  • Addressed issue where deleted custom blocks caused the editor not to load
  • Fixed issue where the URL didn't display as expected in the HREF field of Link UI



Under Pages > Settings pages we added a helpful link to copy your tracked link for email campaigns. This is important if you plan to associate responses to subscribers.


We also added a Highlight Links tool to Pages editor so you can easily review clickable areas. Click on the cursor icon in the upper right corner. Thanks to feedback from Jamie O'Brien at New42, we updated the landing page for unpublished pages to only show the text, "Sorry, this page is not available."


Subscriber lists

By request! One of our most asked for additions to the list summary page was to include CrmSubscriberId in Export Issues. This is helpful for CRM integrated accounts where the CrmSubscriberId (database customer number) can be used to correlate subscribers in the database.  We'd like to thank our customers who requested this feature:

Chelsea Neal at Institute for Contemporary Art VCU
Andrew Eusebio at Tafelmusik
Dan Crowell at Strand Capitol
Andrea Grigg at New York Philharmonic
Aaron Waapu at Melbourne Recital
Maeve Ashby at Australian Ballet
Victoria Ngu at Bangarra Dance Theatre
Linda Lombardi at Arena Stage
Aaron Wilkinson at Mahaffey Theater
Andrea Wang at San Francisco Symphony



And to wrap up this release we worked on some helpful optimizations for email reporting so that line graphs load more quickly.



May 2020



Starter Emails now have a dedicated location under Design Library > Starter Emails. You can manage your custom starter emails right in the Design Library. We’ve also updated the carousel when you go to the Create New Email screen. There are now separate tabs for WordFly and Custom starter emails, larger thumbnails, space for longer names, and easy search options including filter by label.



By request! We've added CrmSubscriberID to the Pages Results CSV Export. This was one of the most asked for updates to Pages Results. Thanks for asking for this:

Jeremy Krifka at Chicago Symphony Orchestra
David Geoffrey Hall at Melbourne Festival
Thomas Chiu at Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
Jamie O'Brien at New42
Jennifer McGrath at Bell Shakespeare
Karina Kacala at Opera Philadelphia
Natalie Burrows at Houston Grand Opera
Emma Vernon at Dallas Zoo
Patrick Desgrange at Cincinnati Playhouse
Krystle Kline at Signature Theatre
Leon Tighe at Sage Gateshead


We made a few more helpful improvements to Pages Results:

  • You can now delete Page response data for individual people, as needed, for more accurate data. Thanks to Natalie Kovacevic at Malmo Opera for the suggestion!
  • We added a Show All link so you can see more text responses onscreen.
  • We also added column sorting to all bar graphs and updated the design to make results easier to read. Thanks to Sofia Bolin at Malmo Opera for sharing ideas.

We also fixed a few things for Pages. We fixed an issue where the sync button didn't appear as expected due to time zone differences. We also fixed an issue where the Pages CSV export questions were displayed and exported in the wrong order in certain cases, and updated the export to use UTF-8 encoding so special characters display correctly.



When you select a new list or add to existing list using Merge an Existing List, you can now filter lists by name or label.



We also found an improvement in Reporting that optimizes load times for Compare Campaigns and Run Reports pages. You will find these reports will load much faster now.



April 2020



Timesaver by request! One of our most asked for features for Blocks was the ability to save custom blocks directly from the editor. We agreed this feature would be amazing and we built it for you! In emails and pages, you can now right-click for the Save to Blocks option. Any blocks that you create will be immediately available in the Your Blocks tab in email and page designs.


Thank you to the following customers who requested this Blocks feature:

Chuck Macnaughton at Hartford Stage
EJ Josephat at Wexner Center for the Arts
John Sherer at New York Philharmonic
Dave (Designer) for Adelaide Symphony Orchestra



Another by request! Our customers asked for the ability to display Checkboxes and Radio Button form blocks in 2 and 3 columns in WordFly Pages. We're happy to report that this is now an option. We’d like to thank Emily Davidson at Santa Fe Opera and Max Engelsiepen at Granada Theatre for offering  feedback.



We also resolved a couple issues for WordFly hosted Media:

  • Resolved issues that prevented customers from moving media into folders or renaming folders in certain cases.
  • Removed "Media Library" link from page where you build your own HTML



WordFly and Tessitura partnered together to create a solution for managing cancelled events with WordFly Pages. | Learn more



March 2020



By request! We added some helpful updates to a survey form block for RSVP and Survey pages. Now customers can add up to 6 additional answers for survey form blocks. You can use these fields to recreate your Net Promoter Score survey or any other need.


A special thanks to our customers who requested this option:

Sofia Bolin at Malmo Opera
Sam Whyte at Wigmore Hall

We also added a cool box style to try out for survey form blocks. Start a new RSVP and Survey Page to see these new features.

While we were in Pages, we added an +Additional Note field to all form blocks to provide some more explanatory text for the field. Thank you to Jamie O'Brien at New42 for this great suggestion!


NEW - Emoji everywhere! 😍

Have you ever wanted to add an emoji to your email subject line, or text and images? While you technically always could do this, it meant copying a character from the emoji library and pasting it into your email subject line or your design. We've streamlined the process with a new Emoji picker. You'll find the Emoji link in these places: 

  • 🧡 Email Campaigns: Add emoji to your subject lines
  • 🍕 Email and Page Editor: Add emoji to text and buttons
  • 😎 Image Editor: Add emoji to your images



We made several helpful updates for our new Conditions feature. We improved the drop zone to more clearly show where the condition will be added. We updated editor text to encourage you to drop new conditions at the bottom of the blocks you want them to wrap around. We also improved the message that displays when not all condition fields are selected. Give conditions a try to easily include if/then conditional blocks in your email designs.


If you're into keyboard shortcuts we've added a new one! Use the ESC key to close and cancel notification messages. Reminder: We have some other keyboard shortcuts.


When you're adding embedded video in email, we added a Browse Pages link to the Video fallback URL.


Our email carousel has a new look! You'll see all the starter emails on screen and can easily select your own custom starters as well.


We also added a helpful update to include px when a width is entered in the Outlook PC width field.



Under Account > Tessitura, you can check your integration settings and enable a few key features. We added more information and helpful links about optional features. You can start setting up preferences, triggered emails, custom screen and more features for your integration.


Under Account > Organization Info, you can set up your organization address, benchmark industry, and logo. We clarified the height and width limits for report logos so your Report > Run Reports look perfect.


Say Goodbye

We said a few goodbyes with this update 👋

  • Social Sharing: We removed Sharing tab and Sharing permissions for email campaigns. Removed Twitter and Facebook integration pages in Account section.
  • Subscriber Insights and Subscriber Profiles: The Geolocation map is only displaying now when location data is present.
  • Reporting: Removed the Locations tab for all campaigns.

Want to know why we remove features from time to time? Email us!


UI updates

More visual updates! We continued sprucing up the UI a bit here and there just as we did in January 2020. We adjusted grid views 25/50/100, adjusted how tall images display in thumbnail views, and refreshed the Reporting page designs.