Hide blocks for a completed RSVP or Survey

Use Hide Everywhere in the Pages editor to hide form blocks for closed Surveys or completed RSVP Pages.


How to hide blocks for a completed RSVP or Survey Page

When your Survey has ended or your RSVP is capped, you can update your page to hide form blocks everywhere in the design. Deleting form blocks will delete the response data associated with those blocks (this cannot be undone!). Keep your response data by hiding the block instead.


1. Go to Pages, and open your Page design in the Pages Editor.


2. Select any form block from the preview panel (right side) in your Page design.


3. From the edit panel (left side), select Hide everywhere.


The block will update on the preview panel to say "This [survey] block is hidden everywhere".


4. Save your changes.


5. Sync changes for the published page.

Once a page set is published, any edits (saved changes) will be available on your public page after clicking sync under Pages Settings.


Your published page will be updated with the changes and your Page Results will still be available to review and download.