Infrastructure Upgrade (July 2020)

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We’ve moved!

Action steps for better deliverability

About the upgrade



We’ve moved!

On July 26, we moved to a new data center and WordFly is now using new infrastructure. As part of this upgrade, your organization was assigned a new IP address. This is the “channel” on which your email is sent. It’s brand new, so there are some important action steps and things to keep in mind. 


You will need to safelist and warm up your new IP so that email clients and ISPs get familiar with your sending cadence and volume. Gradually work up to your full list volume by sending multiple, smaller campaigns. If you forget to do this, you may find you’ll have less reliable email delivery, including test emails, to your own inbox. 


It is expected to see lower opens, higher bounces, and other unusual metrics as you warm up your IP. This is all part of warming up. Rates will normalize as a good sending reputation is established on your new IP.


Stick to your IP warmup plan and you’ll be in good shape. You will experience lower deliverability rates while you warm up your IP. The key is to keep sending consistently to lists at a slow and steady pace. It will take 3-4 weeks to return to normal levels. Not following these recommendations will extend the time.


See Deliverability FAQs for answers about sending recommendations, metrics, and Gmail.

Check for known issues related to deliverability and the application.

Read our statement about our recent infrastructure and IP address updates.



Action steps for better deliverability


[Updated Recommendations 8/3/20]
Warm up your new sending IP address to establish your sending reputation.


Based on ISP guidelines, we recommend that you... 
  • Send business-critical emails early
  • Send to higher engaged subscribers when you can (4-5 stars)
  • Once you see your performance normalize, include sending for 2-3 star subscribers
  • When you receive your own emails be sure to click every link and download images
  • Add your address to your contacts and encourage your subscribers to do it, too


If you are not receiving your test emails...


If your non-RAMP CRM integration is not working...

  • Update your firewall configuration to include this IP range: 


Something else not quite right?

Review our status page for known issues. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




About the upgrade


How do I find WordFly now?

You can access WordFly at The old address will automatically redirect to the new one. But you might just want to save that step and bookmark our new address.

Tracking links also have a new domain: Links to the old address will redirect to

On the backend, we also have a new bounce address: This appears as the return path in the email headers.


Why did you retire the old IP addresses?

Our new data center required new IP addresses.


Will this affect my deliverability?

Potentially. As mentioned above, you will need to safelist and warm up your new IP address so that email clients get familiar with your sending cadence and volume. If you forget to do this, you may find you’ll have less reliable email delivery, including test emails to your own inbox. There’s a lot more information about how to warm up and take care of your IP address on this site. Please carefully follow our recommended IP warmup plan.


I need some guidance on warming up my new IP. Can you offer assistance?

We have some general guidelines in our IP warmup support article. Please start there to help plan your segmented campaigns. WordFly support can provide a second set of eyes on the plan and offer suggestions once you determine what emails and segment totals you have to send. If you have other questions, reach out.


Can we get our own dedicated IP address?

Yes! You can upgrade your account for $100 and get your own dedicated IP. All our IPs are in excellent shape, however, if you’re sharing an IP, you’ll only be sharing it with other arts and culture organizations and WordFly users. Our shared IPs are typically shared with 10 senders. This is common practice for email service providers as IP addresses are actually difficult to acquire.


Is there anything we need to do if we are using Return Path Certification?

Return Path will need to know the new IP address and the new envelope return path domain which is Return Path may need to audit the IP for a short period to ensure it meets Certification standards.


What upgrades did you make?

We moved our data center from Seattle, WA, USA, to a state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, NV, USA. All our data, code, and servers were permanently relocated. We prepared to move to our new data center for quite some time. This was the last step in the process. The upgrade required 24 hours of scheduled downtime starting on July 25th at 12am PDT. 


Why did you upgrade?

Our data center in Seattle was great, but it was crowded. WordFly is growing, and we need more space for servers, firewalls, and other infrastructure. Our new data center provides unlimited servers and a much more high-tech experience. For example, during high sending times like the holidays, we’ll now be able to add more servers with a few clicks. WordFly is sending nearly double the email it sent just a few years ago. It was important that we took this step to give us room to grow and provide a better experience for you. With this new equipment, we’ll also have the opportunity to build new, incredibly data-rich features for WordFly.


Did everyone move to Las Vegas?

No. Just the technical stuff. Our offices did not move. All WordFly employees remain in our offices in Seattle and San Jose, Costa Rica.


What happened to my messages and data during the downtime?

  • Previously sent campaigns worked as expected. Links redirected, images loaded, and archive URLs worked.
  • Email, survey, and RSVP responses were queued and returned to WordFly after the downtime.
  • New email subscribers were queued and returned to WordFly after the downtime.
  • Scheduled and automated campaigns were not sent during the downtime. They were queued up when we turned WordFly back on and were sent automatically over time.


Did the upgrade affect my data, lists, or any of the contents of my account?

No. This didn’t affect the data in your account. We simply moved it from one server to another. Nothing was deleted, changed, or altered in any way.


How did you communicate about this upgrade?

We sent a series of five emails to every WordFly customer. People who had unsubscribed or hard bounced from earlier campaigns were filtered out. We also posted information on our page and the WordFly application dashboard.