Quick Links for New Users

This article contains resources to start sending email using WordFly, including tutorials and videos. Use this list to get started quickly. When you are ready to dive deeper, review our New User Guide.



WordFly 101

Modern Editor





Get Ready!

Set up your account.

Create users

Select an email pricing plan

Activate Google Analytics

Add your editor settings

Add your reusable email settings

Manage preferences

Build your subscribe form

Build your unsubscribe form



Make your email designs.

Get to know Modern Editor

Learn about the editor stylesheet

Manage media

Personalize your emails

Use Conditional blocks



Create an email campaign and send to your list.

Send an email campaign

Email scheduling options



Sent email campaign results

Subscriber Insights

Compare campaigns and benchmarks

Email client data

Heat maps

Export data

Run reports

Review results in Google analytics


Other WordFly Features

Image Editor

Inbox Preview

Pages (RSVP, Survey, and Landing Pages)