Centaman Integration quick resources

This article contains resources for using the WordFly-Centaman Integration, including documentation and a video training. Use this list to get started quickly. If you are ready for a deep dive, you can review all our Centaman integration articles.



Centaman Integration training (hosted by Centaman)





Creating your lists and data

Before you can send your email with WordFly, take a moment to review the different list creation techniques and tools available in Centaman.


Learn how to...

Create a list query


Importing your lists

Now that your data is ready, you can log into WordFly and import directly from Centaman.


Learn how to...

Import your Centaman list


Verify your email responses in Centaman

WordFly sends back valuable reporting data to Centaman after you hit send. Double-check the data is successfully reaching Centaman.


Test a Centaman list campaign


Other Centaman features

Automated campaigns (get started)

Automations training





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