Introduction to SMS

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Miguel Panayotty
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Sending an SMS campaign is like sending a text message to a friend, except in WordFly you’re sending it to your mobile subscribers. As with email marketing, SMS marketing follows specific rules in the countries you are sending to. Be sure to review the laws of your country before sending.




WordFly SMS-enabled countries

WordFly currently supports sending SMS to mobile carriers in the following countries:

New Caledonia
New Zealand
United Kingdom


WordFly SMS is currently not available to customers in the USA or Canada, but it is on the planned roadmap.


CRM integrations

Our CRM-integrated customers (Tessitura and Centaman) will be able to import SMS lists and have SMS responses sent back to the CRM.



Getting Started

WordFly SMS requires a few steps to enable. There is a $250.00 USD startup fee that covers configurations. Once we have your request, we require five business days to complete the configuration.


  1. Email WordFly Support to get started
    We will enable SMS for your account. Please check the list of supported countries above.
  2. Tell us your Short Name
    This will be your SMS “from name”. It appears when subscribers receive messages from you. You might consider matching it to a social handle name. Requirements: Max. 11 characters, alphanumeric, no spaces
  3. Confirm users
    Let us know who should have access to create and send SMS messages from your account.
  4. Provide a mobile number for testing
    We’ll send a test message to this number when your account is configured.