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Hi there!

We’re excited to help you send great looking and effective emails on WordFly! 

This guide has everything you need to set up your account, integrate with Tessitura, and get started. After the Tessitura integration is completed and you've worked through the other steps, a WordFly team member will meet with you to make sure your account is ready to go.

  • Tessitura® Integration
  • Account Setup
  • Make Sure You Reach the Inbox
  • Schedule Account Review

Questions? We have answers. If you need help anywhere along the way, just email us or reply to the “Getting Started” email we sent.

Let’s Go!


Follow these 4 steps to activate your WordFly account and integrate with Tessitura.


#1  Tessitura® Integration


We'll get in touch with Tessitura →

A WordFly team member will send an email to and CC you to get the process started. Tessitura Hosting Services will connect WordFly and Tessitura and can advise you on any additional setup you might need in Tessitura. They’ll respond with any questions for you and let you know when the set up is complete. 


Please discuss with Tessitura if you plan on using any of these WordFly–Tessitura integrated add-ons. ** Additional Tessitura consulting fees apply. Please ask Tessitura for consulting prices.**


Configure integrated Surveys and RSVPs From $49/Month YES
Add Box Office Insight custom screen FREE YES
Configure email preferences FREE YES
Add unsubscribe override for automated email FREE YES
Enable Source Number Tracking FREE YES
Configure automated emails FREE YES
Configure LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure FREE YES



  1. Test your WordFly–Tessitura Integration in WordFly

  2. Send a test using a Tessitura list

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#2  Account Setup

Your WordFly account is already open, and we have emailed login credentials to your Account Owner. Didn’t get the email? Check your spam folder for an email from Email us if you need help. Reach out to the Account Owner if you need a user account or aren’t sure if you have one.


All set? Log in, go to the Account section, and complete the steps below.
You must complete these steps before you can send email.

  1. Fill out your Organization Info

  2. Select your Email Pricing Plan

  3. Tell your account users to select either email or SMS for 2FA verification

  4. Add From/Reply addresses, Google Analytics, branding, fonts

  5. Create your signup form, unsubscribe, preferences, and forward to a friend page

  6. Import unsubscribes from your previous ESP

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#3  Make Sure You Reach the Inbox

These tasks are critical for building your sending reputation and getting your emails delivered.

  1. Warm up your IP address. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
    If you have more than 20,000 email addresses, you’ll need to start sending slowly. If you send to all your addresses at once, you’ll harm your sender reputation and have trouble getting your emails delivered. Follow the sample IP warmup plan after completing step #4 below.

  2. Check with your IT admin to see if you have a DMARC policy on your domain. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
    • If YES, you must contact us to set up your custom DKIM (required).
    • If NO, please skip to step #4 below. 

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#4  Schedule Meeting To Activate Your Account For Sending (Required)

You cannot send email through WordFly until you attend your account review.

Schedule a time below with your assigned Customer Experience team member. We will make sure all the steps have been completed correctly and that your WordFly account is ready to begin the IP warmup plan. 

Choose your assigned WordFly representative. This will be the WordFly team member who submitted the very first integration ticket to 

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