What’s new: August 2021

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Kelly Sutter
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We’re always adding new features! Check out our updates from August below.


More pages customization

Pass answers into questions via a query string

You now have the option to pass answers and selections into questions inside RSVPs, Surveys, and more, including hidden questions.


More signup options

New embedded signup option for your website
Kickstart your signups. Add a single email field to your site that takes subscribers to the full Subscribe page where you can gather more details and preferences.


New advanced Lightbox option for your website
We’ve added new JavaScript function code that gives more flexibility to you and your website developers. You can control how and when the lightbox displays, match the button style from your website, or use an image button instead.


Screenshot of lightbox feature with an image with fields to collect Email, First Name, Last Name and ReCAPTCHA


Editor updates

The Save button is now faded out until you make an edit. We’ve also made it easier to see when your email has hidden blocks. The yellow note will appear in the top right, directly above your design. When you save custom blocks inside the Email and Pages editors, we are preserving even more of your styles, so they’ll carry over to your next design.


In the Pages editor, we added support for more special characters in questions and answers. You’ll also have access to the special character and emoji pickers in Questions, RSVP, and Submit blocks. When you create new surveys, the Survey block answers will now stack in a column on mobile devices by default. This will make it easier for people to fill out your survey and prevent text from getting too squished on narrow screens. If you prefer to have the answers in a horizontal row, you can choose the new Scale on Mobile option instead.


Fine-tuning + fixes

  • We made some small design updates for Lightbox, login, and the list summary
  • The Edit Email button is now showing on the Email step for Paused triggered campaigns
  • Fixed issue where exported Pages results did not show questions in correct order
  • Custom blocks containing CSS selectors with commas now render correctly
  • Videos: Restored ability to automatically pull in poster images for Vimeo videos
  • Fixed issue where View in Browser link didn’t load as https