New Features and Enhancements (2020)

Learn what's new or updated in WordFly in 2020! Take a moment to learn about a feature by clicking off to the linked help articles. We'll also give special shout-outs and high-fives to users whose feedback turns into an update. You can also read our in-app notes here.


March 2020



By request! We added some helpful updates to a survey form block for RSVP and Survey pages. Now users can add up to 6 additional answers for survey form blocks. You can use these fields to recreate your Net Promoter Score survey or any other need. Learn more


A special thanks to our users who requested this option!

Sofia Bolin at Malmo Opera
Sam Whyte at Wigmore Hall

We also added a cool box style to try out for survey form blocks. Start a new RSVP and Survey Page to see these new features.

While we were in Pages, we added an +Additional Note field to all form blocks to provide some more explanatory text for the field. Thank you to Jamie O'Brien at New42 for this great suggestion!


NEW - Emoji everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜

Have you ever wanted to add an emoji to your email subject line, or text and images? While you technically always could do this, it meant copying a character from the emoji library and pasting it into your email subject line or your design. We've streamlined the process with a new Emoji picker. You'll find the Emoji link in these places: 

  • ๐Ÿงก Email Campaigns: Add emoji to your subject lines! Learn more
  • ๐Ÿ• Modern Editor: Add emoji to text and buttons! Learn more
  • ๐Ÿ˜Ž Image Editor: Add emoji to your images! Learn more


Modern Editor + Blocks Editor

We made several helpful updates for our new Conditions feature. We improved the drop zone to more clearly show where the condition will be added. We updated editor text to encourage you to drop new conditions at the bottom of the blocks you want them to wrap around. We also improved the message that displays when not all condition fields are selected. Give conditions a try to easily include if/then conditional blocks in your email designs. Learn more


If you're into keyboard shortcuts we've added a new one! Use the ESC key to close and cancel notification messages. Reminder: We have some other keyboard shortcuts for Modern Editor.


When you're adding embedded video in email, we added a Browse Pages link to the Video fallback URL.


Our Modern Editor email carousel has a new look! You'll see all the starter emails on screen and can easily select your own custom starters as well.


We also added a helpful update to include px when a width is entered in the Outlook PC width field.



Under Account > Tessitura, you can check your integration settings and enable a few key features. We added more information and helpful links about optional features. You can start setting up preferences, triggered emails, custom screen and more features for your integration. Learn more


Under Account > Organization Info, you can set up your organization address, benchmark industry, and logo. We clarified the height and width limits for report logos so your Report > Run Reports look perfect. Learn more


Say Goodbye

We said a few goodbyes with this update ๐Ÿ‘‹

  • Social Sharing: We removed Sharing tab and Sharing permissions for email campaigns. Removed Twitter and Facebook integration pages in Account section.
  • Subscriber Insights and Subscriber Profiles: The Geolocation map is only displaying now when location data is present.
  • Reporting: Removed the Locations tab for all campaigns.

Want to know why we remove features from time to time? Email us!


UI updates

More visual updates! We continued sprucing up the UI a bit here and there just as we did in January 2020. We adjusted grid views 25/50/100, adjusted how tall images display in thumbnail views, and refreshed the Reporting page designs.



January 2020


Modern Editor + Blocks Editor

NEW! Use Conditions in Modern Editor to dynamically display content in your emails based on any info you have in a data field. | Learn more


We added a couple key features for custom blocks in Modern Editor.

By request! In Modern Editor, under the blocks tab, we added a blocks grid view to sort blocks by label or search for block names. We'd like to thank Jen Novak at Walker Art Center and Caroline Kha at The National Gallery for offering user feedback and helping us think of this solution! | Learn more


Now you can rename a custom block from Design Library > Blocks and the new name will appear in the Block Name field in the Modern Editor.


Media also received a couple updates:

  • In WordFly editors, when selecting an image, we added a file size column to help users select image sizes that will work best in email.
  • Now if email design media folders are deleted or renamed, we'll create a new folder to replace it instead of showing an error when the email is opened in Modern Editor. Note: If images were present in the email using the previous media folder name, the images will still appear as broken. You will need to re-upload them to the email or browse to the renamed folder and relink the images. | Learn more


And we made the Preview Text field box in Modern Editor > Email Settings larger to help users input more text. | Learn more


Email Campaigns

Our Testing features received a few enhancements with this release! Find all of these in your email campaigns under the Testing tab.


We added 20 new email client tests to Inbox Preview! Go to your Email campaign > Testing tab, and scroll down to Inbox Preview to take advantage of these new tests. We also streamlined the design and updated UI so you can click through previews more quickly. | Learn more


By request! The Send Test button is now greyed out if no addresses are selected. Thanks to David Libbey at American Repertory Theater for the suggestion!


We also fixed a couple issues in the testing section. Testing 1-2-3!

  • Under Send a test email, in the select addresses modal, adding new people to the list no longer shifts the checked positions.
  • Under Full Review, we fixed an issue where two sets of dynamic tags displayed and we added wrapping for long URLs.
  • Under Subscriber Preview, we fixed an issue Subscriber Preview would time out with an error in certain cases.


Additionally, we addressed a couple bug fixes:

  • Email campaigns modal: If Archive URL is not generated, now showing a Create URL button.
  • Email Campaign with Segment (Firefox): Fixed bug where Remove From List button didn't remove segment from list.



By request! One of the most asked for features for Account > Email Settings was to allow From Names with commas. This is now supported and we love it. Thank you to all our users who requested this feature!

  • David Libbey at American Repertory Theater
  • Sam Mende-Wong at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  • Jenn German at Strathmore
  • Jamie O'Brien at New42
  • Aaron Glynn at Joffrey Ballet
  • Aaron Castillo at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

We also fixed up a few other details:

  • Under Account > Users, we fixed an issue where new users weren't created correctly when adding one after another.
  • Under Account > Editor Settings, we fixed a display issue where font previews extended beyond the border in certain cases. Editor Settings help you set global color and font styles for WordFly editors. | Learn more
  • Under Account > Account Options, we removed the Custom Tracking URLs section. We are no longer supporting this feature due to industry-wide security changes. Email tracking links will use the default tracking domain: No changes are required!


New Year - new visual updates! We made some minor updates to old icons in the import process, removed old accordion icons, and changed orange subhead colors to blue. And, if you happen to run into an error, our updated error page provides more troubleshooting steps and an easy way to submit the incident to



It's time for a facelift! The Reports + Data Manager section has an new updated design to match other areas of the application. No more tabs! Use the filter dropdown to sort by export or report type, or search by name. | Learn more




The WordFly-Tessitura custom screen had a couple updates. The Resend button needed an update to start sending emails again. We also removed the "Remember my account and email" option on login screen due to lack of browser support. | Learn more


WordFly Status

The WordFly status page got an overhaul! Check status anytime you want to know about the current status of services in WordFly.


Happy New Year! Enjoy!

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