Help! I am having trouble logging in

Here are some tips to help you log in successfully if your first attempt didn’t work:


Check your Account Name Your Account Name is one word, there should be no spaces.
Check your Email address Your email address should be your personal company email address.
Check your Password Your password needs to be typed in correctly! Make sure all-caps isn't selected or any accidental spaces or characters in your password. Passwords must be at least 6 characters and meet the security requirements.
Forgot your password? Click the I forgot link next to the password field to go through the steps of resetting your password.
Are you resetting your password? In the reset password process you need to provide the new temporary password first and then type in your new password twice.
Check your security question and answer In the password reset process, users will be asked to answer the original security question and answer provided by the user when they set up their login for the first time.
Locked out?

WordFly locks your account after three failed attempts to login to your account. Once your account is locked, you can:

  • Reach out to someone on your team with Manage Users permissions to unlock your account.
  • If no one on your team is available to help, email us for assistance.