New Features and Enhancements (2019)

Learn what's new or updated in WordFly in 2019! Take a moment to learn about a feature by clicking off to the linked help articles. We'll also give special shout-outs and high-fives to users whose feedback turns into an update. You can also read our in-app notes here.


September 2019

Design Library

New Email Gallery! Under the Design Library menu we now have a direct link to our newly launched Museum of Modern Email. Get inspired at the MoME, the world's first museum dedicated to email marketing for arts and culture. See beautiful automations, newsletters, and more — all built with WordFly. Look for the link in the Design Library. Visit the MoME


Email Campaigns

We released a sending improvement that adds an additional safety check to prevent email campaigns from being sent twice.


Modern Editor + Blocks Editor

We made several updates and improvements to Modern Editor and the Blocks Editor.


In the Blocks Editor we added an HTML/CSS drawer for viewing and editing the code! This update opens the door for a very helpful task: copying code for custom blocks! Users can copy block div code in a Modern Editor email design to create a custom block. We want to send a special thanks to Scott Price from Ford's Theatre who suggested this update when custom blocks was first launched. Keep on building!


Other editor updates included:

  • Now preventing file extension from being removed when renaming a block
  • Fixed issue where styles were not correctly applied when duplicating blocks in certain cases


CRM Integrations

For CRM integrations - such as Tessitura and Centaman integrations - our team resolved a date/time issue with the list's last run date. The last run date now displays in the correct timezone set in the Account > Organization Info section.



In email campaign reporting, we fixed an issue where invalid URLs in emails prevented heat maps from displaying.


Subscriber lists

Our team fixed an issue with when importing a re-subscribe date for the Unsubscribe Override (CrmSubscribeDate) feature.


July 2019

Modern Editor

Outlook PC rendering is challenging for every single email marketer in the world (true fact!). In this release we made adjustments to prevent unintended borders from causing the right side to bump out. We also updated our support article to call attention to borders in Outlook PC.

We also added background colors to the video and image placeholders so you can easily see the actual area of the block.



We updated RSVPs and Surveys Pages to require at least one alphanumeric character for form block labels. The label is the title or question of the form block and becomes the title of the Page Results section for the data collected. Learn more


Design Library

In Design Library > Blocks, we fixed an issue where blocks could be ungrouped but not regrouped in certain cases.


Email Campaigns

We made a couple updates to emails and email testing.

  • URLs in Text blocks are now correctly validated when entered into HREF field
  • Under the email campaign Testing tab > Template Review, URLs containing hashtags and apostrophes are no longer flagged as invalid
  • Fixed issue where email didn't send when one or more asterisks were present in a link


June 2019


We launched a new two-step login process for! Take note of the fields on each page as you login. The first step is your account name and the second step is your email address and password. Reach out to support with any questions!


May 2019

Modern Editor

In April 2019 we launched Custom Blocks. Build your own grouped blocks for adding re-usable content in your email designs. During this release, we added the option to right-click on a custom block and ungroup from the Modern Editor right-side preview panel. Learn more


We also adjusted some custom block functionality:

  • Fixed issue where grouped custom blocks displayed as ungrouped in certain cases.
  • Empty blocks no longer display under Your Blocks.


Last month, we added a confirmation when you delete a block. The message now includes more context to let you know which block you are deleting (image, text, column etc). Right-click on any block in the right-side preview panel and delete with confidence!


We also updated the keyboard shortcuts so that the ESC key behavior closes the left-side editing panel.



Last month we updated RSVP Pages to scroll up to the Submit button after selecting Yes or No. This same behavior is available for new Survey Pages when the recipient gets to the last field, right before the Submit button.


Email Campaigns

Segmentation now includes a clear message when the segment count returns 0 subscribers. The messaging will appear after the segment is applied and also before sending to warn users that the segment will send to 0 subscribers. Learn more



We made a small change to Subscriber Insights by moving Subscriber Activation to the bottom of the page. Learn more



We also fixed an issue with testing your custom tracking domain under Account > Account Options. Now you can use the Test URL button to quickly test your domain is redirecting properly to WordFly tracking. It's working properly if the page opens with a success message. Learn more


We also moved a helpful troubleshooting tool to Account > User Profile. Click on your name in the upper right navigation after you login. You'll see a link Show Browser Details. Click on this to view your platform and browser version. This is helpful if you have a support ticket open with our team and need to send us more information about your browser and platform.

We also made some minor updates to the main navigation and footer menu. Enjoy!


April 2019

Design Library

We're excited to share that WordFly has a new Design Library section! Find the new section on the right side of the main site navigation. Access the Media section from here and a NEW Blocks feature. Keep reading for all the details.


By request! NOW IN BETA: Custom Blocks! One of the most asked for features in Modern Editor was the option to build re-usable design elements. We're extremely excited to announce our new Blocks section offers this functionality with the Blocks Editor. You'll create your own custom drag-and-drop blocks for Modern Editor that include elements such as text content, images and styles. We think Blocks are perfect for things like banners, footers, and other elements you want to reuse in your emails and pages. Go to Design Library > Blocks to give it a try. We'd love to hear what you think, too. Take the survey to let us know. Learn more


We'd like to thank all the users who asked for this feature!

Krystal Parsons, Austin Theatre Alliance
Angie Bertucci, Lobero Theatre
Andrea Bradbury, West Australian Ballet
Jessica Dill, Stratford Festival
Priyanka Sinha, Arsht Center
Heather Van Holt, South Coast Rep
William Petrie, Lyric Opera of Kansas City
Rebecca Goering, Annenberg Center
Jamie O'Brien, New42
Lena Zimmer, National Theatre
Jason Smith, Kansas City Symphony
Heather Hill, Kennedy Center


Modern Editor

We also spent some time in Modern Editor updating a few features.

  • By request! Added a confirmation when you delete a block. Right-click any block in Modern Editor to display an option to delete. When you click delete you will be asked to confirm you are ready to delete this block (the action cannot be undone).
  • Added a width-height lock icon for faster resizing of images inserted into Text blocks. Learn more
  • Social Links: Added a larger window for selecting social icons. Learn more
  • Blocks tab: Added option to toggle between WordFly Blocks and Your Blocks. Learn more
  • Firefox: Improved experience when clicking Exit without saving.



While testing Pages, we found an improvement for RSVP Pages. Previously, once a user made it to the bottom of the Page the user would select Yes or No (as in the case for RSVP Pages) and then had to scroll down to see the captcha and the Submit button. Our team made some updates to this for new Pages. Now form fields and the Submit button will scroll up automatically if they are located at bottom of screen.



We made a very helpful update to the Events by Campaign export option under Reporting > Export Data. The UI has been improved to help users better understand what the export will include (or exclude) based on the selections. We also added a note to help users export "did not" (open, click etc) events if needed. Learn more


January 2019

Here's the January 2019 release! Read our full release notes for January updates here.


Image Editor

In November 2018, we introduced our NEW Image Editor. Now you can easily crop and resize images, combine multiple images in one file, easily add a play button or a logo to an image, add shapes on an image, add text on an image, and much more, all within WordFly.


We dedicated this build release to adding some more helpful updates to Image Editor:

  • New, by request! Another popular request was to add a shape overlay to clip images. Now you can make circle images right in the editor. We added a few more overlays to try as well. Select the new clip tool option from the left navigation. Learn more
  • Also by request, we added a new section to apply Adjustments and Filters to your images. Change hue, saturation, brightness and more; or, apply a filter to your image. Additional editing options become available when effects are applied. Learn more
  • More shapes! Need a globe, basket or chat icon for your image? Go to the shapes option and select from a larger library of shapes. Learn more
  • We even added some stroke style options, such as solid, dotted, dashed and other variations of these options. Learn more


Thank you to all our mentioned below who contacted support to let us know what would make Image Editor even better! Your feedback inspired the new clip option, adjustments and filters, and additional shapes.

Christine Long from Kentucky Center
Karina Kacala from Opera Philadelphia
Ariel Caliste from High Museum of Art



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