May 2019: Features and Enhancements

Here's the May 2019 release! Read our in-app notes for May updates here.


Modern Editor

In April 2019 we launched Custom Blocks. Build your own grouped blocks for adding re-usable content in your email designs. During this release, we added the option to right-click on a custom block and ungroup from the Modern Editor right-side preview panel. Learn more


We also adjusted some custom block functionality:

  • Fixed issue where grouped custom blocks displayed as ungrouped in certain cases.
  • Empty blocks no longer display under Your Blocks.


Last month, we added a confirmation when you delete a block. The message now includes more context to let you know which block you are deleting (image, text, column etc). Right-click on any block in the right-side preview panel and delete with confidence!


We also updated the keyboard shortcuts so that the ESC key behavior closes the left-side editing panel.



Last month we updated RSVP Pages to scroll up to the Submit button after selecting Yes or No. This same behavior is available for new Survey Pages when the recipient gets to the last field, right before the Submit button.


Email Campaigns

Segmentation now includes a clear message when the segment count returns 0 subscribers. The messaging will appear after the segment is applied and also before sending to warn users that the segment will send to 0 subscribers. Learn more



We made a small change to Subscriber Insights by moving Subscriber Activation to the bottom of the page. Learn more



We also fixed an issue with testing your custom tracking domain under Account > Account Options. Now you can use the Test URL button to quickly test your domain is redirecting properly to WordFly tracking. It's working properly if the page opens with a success message. Learn more


We also moved a helpful troubleshooting tool to Account > User Profile. Click on your name in the upper right navigation after you login. You'll see a link Show Browser Details. Click on this to view your platform and browser version. This is helpful if you have a support ticket open with our team and need to send us more information about your browser and platform.

We also made some minor updates to the main navigation and footer menu. Enjoy!


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