Can I update a subscriber email address?

No. In email marketing, a subscriber’s email address is the unique identifier that separates one individual from another. Since email address is the unique identifier the email address itself cannot be changed on a subscriber's profile. If a subscriber’s address changes, importing the new address creates a new profile where data is stored.


In WordFly, you can look at each email address subscriber profile separately to see separate activity, lists, sending status and engagement. Data stored on the subscriber profile includes:

  • Activity: Opens, clicks and other responses recorded from this email address
  • Lists: Subscriber lists the email address is included in
  • Sending status: Restrictions on sending to this email address
  • Engagement: Activity is calculated over time to create a unique subscriber engagement rating and score.



CRM-Integrated account considerations

For WordFly’s CRM integrated accounts (Tessitura, Centaman, and others), your database is the main source of information about your customer and the account or customer number will usually uniquely identify them there. Change the email address in the database and use the CRM integration in WordFly to import the new email address and customer number combination. WordFly will update data to the associated email address and customer number combination in the database.