About invalid addresses

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Bryan Garcia
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What is an invalid address?

An invalid address is flagged when there are syntax or domain issues with an email address when it is imported.


Commons characteristics of invalid addresses:

  • A subscriber’s email address is missing information. For example, jane@gmail is missing .com, and jane@gmailcom is missing the “.”
  • A subscriber’s email address has spaces. For example, jane @gmail.com. These spaces make the address invalid.
  • A subscriber’s email address contains typos. WordFly looks for common top level domains and finds errors to prevent bounces. For example, jane@gmai.com or jane@yhoo.com are flagged as invalid because Gmail and Yahoo were misspelled.


How invalid addresses are processed

WordFly suppresses invalid addresses at the time the list is imported to avoid receiving a hard bounce for the address. The invalid addresses will appear on the List Summary page, under Subscriber Import Issues > Invalid Addresses.



Export invalid addresses

From the List Summary page, under Subscriber Import Issues, select the Export button to export all your import issues including invalid addresses. Learn more