Tessitura v15 upgrade and WordFly

The Tessitura v15 upgrade may require changes to your WordFly services installation as well as other updates. Review these changes and FAQs for Tessitura v15.


WordFly functionality


With the upgrade to v14 or v15, Tessitura is requiring .NET 4.6. In some server configurations, this change breaks the older WordFly-Tessitura Integration v2 services. If your organization is still running the v2 services, please continue reading.


NEW! WordFly-Tessitura integration v3 services are available now and should be installed to continue using the integration. All organizations on v2 services will be required to upgrade to v3 services before March 31, 2019. Learn more



Contact Permissions replace Contact Restrictions


In Tessitura v15, Contact Permissions completely replace Contact Restrictions. What does this mean for the WordFly-Tessitura integration?  



In Tessitura v15, Contact Permissions will officially replace Contact Restrictions. The E-Market Restriction will be removed. Permissions will be located under the Contact tab of the constituent record as a new radial option. Contact Permissions will give organizations a mechanism to audit opt-in and opt-out for various Media types. For example, when a subscriber unsubscribes for Media type Email, the contact Permission will need to be updated appropriately.


The upgrade to Tessitura v15 will require all organizations to update the LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure to handle how unsubscribe responses update the Contact Permission for email.


Organizations using WordFly's integration with Tessitura preferences should also review the LP_WF_PREFERENCE_UPDATE_CUSTOMER stored procedure to ensure it is still handling preference updates (contact purposes, interests, and attributes) in the best way possible. In most cases, no changes will be necessary for this procedure.



Using Contact Permissions for subscriber preferences


In WordFly, Contact Permissions have been added as an additional WordFly Preference Type for the WordFly-Tessitura preferences feature. At this time, the default LP_WF_PREFERENCE_UPDATE_CUSTOMER stored procedure can only process contact purposes, attributes, and interests. Additional code must be added to the stored procedure in order to process contact permissions. Email WordFly support for the additional code.



List and Output Set issues to be aware of in Tessitura

Lists and Output sets

Tessitura Lists (List Manager lists) and Output Sets have been integrated and given a streamlined workflow and refreshed user interface in v14+. Please plan to review all the help materials provided by Tessitura for changes to Output Sets and Lists in the new workflow. You will need to make changes to your output sets as part of the new workflow. Tessitura has an output elements and parameters migration guide that is helpful for understanding what you need to do on the database side.*


Additionally, some organizations have noticed that Extractions using certain output sets need those output sets made available to WordFly. If users receive an integration error message when selecting a download for an Extraction import, then the output set is not available to WordFly and needs the TMS box checked or the control group correct. Learn more about troubleshooting Extractions.


*Note that these list and output set changes in Tessitura do not alter what is provided to WordFly. Your list imports (including triggered campaign imports) will all work the same through the integration. However, you will still need to follow Tessitura's lead on making the appropriate updates to your output sets. If any elements change in Tessitura then you may need to re-assign (and re-map) your triggered campaign lists in WordFly.



There are a couple known defects and resolutions noted by Tessitura.


Defect 140590 - Specifying an Output Set when extracting constituents causes the Extraction to fail. This defect is resolved as of service pack 15.0.3 (released week of January 28).

Workaround options - either extract the data without using an output set, or extract to a list and then output that list using an output set.

Defect 142710 - Extractions do not create promotions when extracting to a file. This defect has been resolved but has not been released for implementation yet.

Workaround options - for a single source, extract to a List Manager list then import the list into WordFly. The process of generating the list and selecting promotion attributes happens in the WordFly import process.





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