January 2019: Features and Enhancements

Here's the January 2019 release! Read our full release notes for January updates here.


Image Editor

In November 2018, we introduced our NEW Image Editor. Now you can easily crop and resize images, combine multiple images in one file, easily add a play button or a logo to an image, add shapes on an image, add text on an image, and much more, all within WordFly.


We dedicated this build release to adding some more helpful updates to Image Editor:

  • New, by request! Another popular request was to add a shape overlay to clip images. Now you can make circle images right in the editor. We added a few more overlays to try as well. Select the new clip tool option from the left navigation. Learn more
  • Also by request, we added a new section to apply Adjustments and Filters to your images. Change hue, saturation, brightness and more; or, apply a filter to your image. Additional editing options become available when effects are applied. Learn more
  • More shapes! Need a globe, basket or chat icon for your image? Go to the shapes option and select from a larger library of shapes. Learn more
  • We even added some stroke style options, such as solid, dotted, dashed and other variations of these options. Learn more


Thank you to all our mentioned below who contacted support to let us know what would make Image Editor even better! Your feedback inspired the new clip option, adjustments and filters, and additional shapes.

Christine Long from Kentucky Center
Karina Kacala from Opera Philadelphia
Ariel Caliste from High Museum of Art



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