From/Reply-to address questions

The From/Reply to address is one of the first elements of your email that a subscriber will see in the inbox. You can set up as many From Names and Reply-to addresses as needed under Account > Email Settings (find out how). Continue reading to review common questions around From/Reply-to addresses.


Topics covered in this article:

Adding a new sending domain for From/Reply-to addresses

Managing auto replies to the From/Reply-to address

My From/Reply-to address doesn't match what I setup



FAQ's about From/Reply-to addresses


Review frequently asked questions about From/Reply-to addresses


Adding a new sending domain for From/Reply-to addresses

During onboarding your WordFly account will be setup with at least 1 sending domain. This is the domain portion of your Reply-to email address used for sending emails.


Example, is an email address, where "" is the domain.


You can setup as many From/Reply-to addresses as needed in WordFly under Account > Email Settings. However, if you need to send with a new or additional domain there are a few important steps that need to be taken before this domain can be added to your Email Settings.


To add a new sending domain please contact us to setup DKIM and the Yahoo feedback loop for the new domain.



Managing auto replies to the From/Reply-to address

Auto-replies from your sent email will go to the From/Reply-to address you have selected in WordFly. There's no way to turn those replies off since those are being generated by the subscriber's inbox and returning to you (WordFly isn't sending those to your From/Reply-to address).


We suggest setting up a mailbox rule in the inbox where the emails are going so that the auto-replies are easier to handle. Alternatively, if those emails are going to someone, you could use a different From/Reply-to address that goes to an inbox that doesn't bombard someone specific. Anyway you decide your From/Reply-to address should be a working address that a subscriber can reply back to if they want to reach someone at the organization after receiving one of your emails. 



My From/Reply-to address doesn't match what I setup

You may notice when you're testing your email the From/Reply-to name or address doesn't match what you set for your email campaign settings.


This happens when your inbox has saved the address with this specific information. It could also happen when an email server has been configured to display a From/Reply-to address specifically this way. First, check your address book, how is the address setup? If it is incorrect in your address book you can change it there. If it looks fine, reach out to you IT team to check how the address is configured.


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