December 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the December 2018 release! Read our full release notes for December updates here.


Image Editor

Last month, we introduced our NEW Image Editor. What can you do with the new Image Editor? So much! You can easily crop and resize images, combine multiple images in one file, easily add a play button or a logo to an image, add shapes on an image, add text on an image, and much more.


Over the last month we've received great feedback to help enhance the editor even further. Here's what we added:

  • New, by request! One of the most popular requests was to add a border. Now it's possible! Select the new add border option from the left navigation to add a border to any image. Learn more
  • Also by request, we added some additional image options, including rotate your entire image, see the image dimensions, and easily start over. Learn more
  • We made it easier to readjust the crop zone after it is first applied and added "Entire image" to crop Presets options. Learn more
  • Under Add Image and Add Shape edit options we added a Layers option to Bring to Front or Send to Back.
  • In the image settings area (cog icon), we added an option to set a JPG background color.
  • We also tuned up the look of transparent PNGs and GIFs by including a checkerboard background.


Thanks to users and even more testing we found a few items to fix up as well:

  • Fixed issue where crop zone could be dragged beyond the base image
  • Fixed issue where copy-paste pasted a previously duplicated object
  • Fixed issue where a thin line was added to certain images when saving
  • Improved image library rendering in Edge
  • Improved performance and polished up the design a bit


Thank you to all our users who have provided feedback about the new Image Editor! We’ll continue to add new features to the editor as you request them. Any must-have features you want to see? Let us know



While we were working on the Image Editor we found a couple updates to make in the Media section. First, we added an Edit button to image previews for easier access to the image editor! We also fixed an issue where the preview and download of an image adjusted in the image editor showed the original image instead of the edited one.


Modern Editor

A few months ago we added the ability to insert a hosted video in your emails and page designs. At the time we were able to automatically pull in a thumbnail and alt text if hosting the video on YouTube. This month we added the same functionality to automatically upload a video thumbnail and alt text if hosting on Vimeo. Learn more

We also fixed a couple items:

  • Fixed issue where an image inserted into Text block did not reflect the updated dimensions after it was resized in the image editor
  • Large images inserted into Text blocks are no longer distorted in the left-side panel



Pages has been out of beta since October 2018 and we continue to release updates. This month we focused on finalizing some important updates for upgrading, downgrading, and canceling Pages pricing plans.


We also adjusted Page Settings to no longer require refreshing to see a Tessitura ID (CorrelationID) after the Page is published.


Email Campaigns

In Triggered campaigns (CRM integrated accounts), we fixed an issue where recurring campaigns would sometimes stop sending after a timeout.




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