Adjust the settings and required fields of your page

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Miguel Panayotty
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Update required field markers

When you are building a Page, there are fields which you can choose to make required in order to finish an RSVP or Survey. If the Page is submitted without the required field, an error message will prompt.


Example of a Page error when a required field is missing


To change the required field marker


1. Select the Settings tab from the left panel


2. Update the text in the Required field marker field

3. Click Save




Adjust your required marker styles


To update the style for your required marker (globally)


1. Click Stylesheet


2. Click General Styles


3. Click Required Marker


4. Adjust the styles



To update the required marker style (individually)


1. Click on a form block from the right panel


2. Click on STYLES (this will default to This block)


3. Click Required Marker


4. Modify the styles for This block only



Or, toggle to All Blocks to modify the required marker styles for all form blocks like this. This step is the same as updating in the Stylesheet directly.