How to send an anonymous Survey

Survey responses can only be tracked when your published Page is linked in an email campaign. Responses can be anonymous or associated to a subscriber. Learn how to send an anonymous Survey using Pages.


How to make sure your Survey will be anonymous


Use email campaigns to associate subscribers to any RSVP or Survey Page. Copy the correct Public URL to collect anonymous responses.


You can easily copy the Public untracked link from Pages > Settings to use in any landing page or email campaign.



Or, in Modern Editor, browse to one of your Pages from Modern Editor.


1. Open your email design in Modern Editor.


2. Select any block from the preview panel (right side).


3. In the URL field (or href field for text links), select Browse Pages.


4. You will see all your Pages. By default, the option to Associate with email subscriber will be enabled. You will need to disable it.

IMPORTANT: This option must be unchecked to make responses anonymous for subscribers.

5. Select the Page you want to link to.


6. Your Page URL will be added to the URL field (or href field).

Make sure the link does not havesubscriber mailing ID tracking tag (?sid=##subscriberMailingId##) appended to the end, like this:




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