October 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the October 2018 release! Read our full release notes for October updates here.



We're very excited to announce Pages is officially out of beta! We're thankful for all the feedback during the beta period. We'll still collect suggestions as we do throughout WordFly. Start using Pages today! Learn more


We also resolved an issue where Page responses were not processed on patron records in Tessitura. Thank you to Matt Hoyt at St Louis Symphony for testing in beta! The fix requires upgrading to our latest version of the WordFly v3 services (v. Note that Page response data was being collected in the Tessitura database before this fix. If your organization was testing Page responses you should see those responses in the Tessitura Pages database tables. With the latest v3 services upgrade the Pages stored procedure will process those Page responses on patron records. Learn more


Additionally, these Pages Results updates were completed:

  • Results are now showing the most recent responses by default in all areas.
  • Fixed an issue where only the data from the first form field was exported in the CSV file, if a field name was repeated.


Modern Editor 

Modern Editor received a few updates with this release. Most notably, there is a new STYLESHEET > ESSENTIALS > General Style called Blocks. Use the Blocks style to set a max-width across all blocks in the email design. This is particularly helpful in Starter E designs.


We also fixed a few issues here and there in the editor:

  • Content Editor: Fixed display issue where tools were wrapping on smaller laptop screens.
  • Edge/IE11: Resolved issue where links could not be added to images. Thanks to Oliver Marcus at Roundhouse for reporting this issue!
  • Fixed bug that allowed multi-column blocks to be nested within other multi-column blocks in certain cases. Thank you to Johnny Pacia at Audience Rewards for the intel!
  • Added messaging when blocks cannot be placed in certain areas.
  • Resolved two display issues related to embedded videos.


General Site Updates

  • Resolved memory error that could occur during very large list imports. Shout out to Josh Salez at Audience Rewards for bringing this to our attention!
  • Added messaging if a new user's login credentials fail to send.


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