August 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the August 2018 release! Read our in-app notes for August updates here.



Pages Results now sort the responded chart by most recent responses. We also made a few design adjustments, too. Learn more about Pages


Modern Editor

Several updates and enhancements were rolled out to Modern Editor in this release.


For starters, we added new keyboard shortcuts for opening/closing HTML editor: Mac Command + '; PC Control + '. Learn more


Next, social icons got some new swag with an additional row of white logo icons. Be social! Learn more


Also, styles has some new additions. Border style options are now grouped together as an expandable set. Find your border elements under the STYLESHEET for the Email Container or any individual Block Container. Learn more


Additionally, we added the option to set font-weight in all text styles. You may notice this the most with Base style under STYLESHEET > General Styles. Learn more


We added more style options for Image and Alt Text. When your email doesn't download images it helps to make your alt text stand out using Styled Alt text. Learn more



Other Modern Editor updates:

  • Clarified "container" terminology in a few places. Now it will be clear when you are editing the STYLESHEET > BACKGROUND > Email Container versus any individual Block Container.
  • Editing pane (left side of editor): Adjusted sizing so there is more room to view the email or page. Added a checked pattern behind transparent images.

  • Preview pane (right side of editor): All links now open in a new tab. Spiffed up the design a bit.

  • Fixed issue in Chrome where text couldn't be selected if images were right-aligned in a text block.

  • Fixed issue where you were unable to click and edit the container block in certain cases.


Media updates:

  • Media: Added a checked pattern behind transparent images.



By request! When testing emails, only Multipart-MIME checkbox is pre-selected now, instead of all three formats. Thank you to Rosa Luna from American Museum of Natural History for this suggestion! Learn more


General Site Updates

  • Grid views: Added ability to show 25/50/100 items at a time. Changed pagination UI. Fixed issue where Viewing number wasn't updated after filtering by date.
  • Log in screen: Fixed issue where error message did not display when you entered improper credentials



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